Kamen Rider Build Revealed – Let’s Build!

Scans of the upcoming Kamen Rider series, Kamen Rider Build, have leaked online. Currently the scans reveal Build’s various forms, and his arsenal. Kamen Rider Build will transform through the use of his BuilDriver (or Build Driver), and the collectible gimmick, the Full Bottles. The theme will fuse animals with machines!

“With 2 Bottles, We Find the Best Match!”

Kamen Rider Build’s main form is called RabbitTank which is a result of him using the Rabbit Full Bottle and the Tank Full Bottle. By putting the bottles into the BuilDriver and pulling the lever, Kamen Rider Build will then be able to transform.


Now, as stated earlier Kamen Rider Build will have various forms, with RabbitTank only acting as his base form. At this time, we are to understand that Kamen Rider Build has a total of four primary forms. However, the bottles can be switched around in a similar fashion to Gaia Memories, or OOO Medals to create variations. This was discovered through an image for the SD figurines, and a few close ups on form helmets. The two suits/ forms teased are RabbitCleaner, and HedgehogTank. RabbitCleaner is obtained through Rabbit and Cleaner Full Bottle, whereas HedgehogTank uses Hedgehog and Tank Full Bottle.


Here are the additional three primary forms for Kamen Rider Build, and their respected Full Bottles used:

  • Kamen Rider Build GorillaMond – Gorilla & Diamond Full Bottles
  • Kamen Rider Build HawkGattling – Taka (Hawk) & Gattling Full Bottles
  • Kamen Rider Build NinjaComic – Ninja & Comic Full Bottles


Finally, the last image reveals the secondary Rider, and the first confirmed villain. Kamen Rider Build’s secondary Rider is called Kamen Rider Close, and the form seen below is referred to as CloseDragon form. Whereas, the villainous Rider-like character is named KnightRogue Bat Form.


This concludes the current reveals for Kamen Rider Build! Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts on the design, and aesthetics of the series thus far. Furthermore, here is a reminder that Kamen Rider Build airs this Fall with its new start time at 9:00 AM JST on Sundays!


Sources: SpecialForm12DeadPigmon

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