Marvel Studios Secret Invasion Trailer

Secret Invasion poster with Nick Fury

Yesterday, the official trailer for the upcoming Marvel series Secret Invasion which stars Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury was released. In addition, the series features the infamous quote said by Nick Fury, “Who do you trust?” as its tagline. Now, it makes wonder how many of our favorite Marvel characters are Skrulls, or have been replaced by them? Also, does this explain or lead to different characterizations if this were the case? So, I hope that this series delivers on the spy-thriller aspect, but we know the MCU does things differently. Anyway, I will set my expectations low, and hope that Marvel will surprise me with what they have planned.

Nevertheless, the Secret Invasion begins June 21st, and will only be available on Disney+. As always readers, please leave your theories down in the comment section below, and I will catch you later.

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