NYCC 2019: Hasbro’s Marvel Legends Official Images & Info

Today is the official start of New York Comic Con, and Hasbro has unleashed themselves onto the convention. Previously on the site we covered Hasbro’s upcoming 2020 releases for the Transformers: War for Cybertron – Earth Rise and Transformers: Cyberverse toylines. However, we currently have official information regarding their future Marvel Legends releases. Now, the bulk of the reveals are centered on ‘the First Family of Marvel,’ the Fantastic Four in their first official retail release and wave. In addition, we have more Deadpool variants coming in near future. Furthermore, the Marvel Legends line will feature a cameo by the one and only, Stan Lee, himself! Below is consistent breakdown of the following waves and releases:


Marvel Fantastic Four Legends Assortment ($19.99 per figure/ Spring 2020)

Following the various individual, highly sought after, and limited releases of ‘the First Family of Marvel’ through Walgreens, Hasbro finally is releasing the Fantastic Four in an entire wave. Now, instead of re-releasing the previous versions of the Fantastic Four, Hasbro has chosen to update the characters using new molds based on their designs in the current run. The line will feature Ben Grimm ‘The Thing,’ Johnny Storm ‘The Human Torch,’ Sue Storm ‘The Invisible Woman,” and ‘THE RAKE’… I mean ‘Mr. Fantastic’ Reed Richards. For Reed, Sue and Johnny, each will come with effect parts to recreate their special abilities. However, Reed is rather lacking since all his effects are only good for raking leaves, or being a North East urban legend. Yet, this wave consists of six figures and we have only highlighted four! So, the first of the final two completes the Fantastic Four, as it is their archenemy Victor Von Doom ‘Dr. Doom’ in his classic design. Then the final figure in the assortment is the occasional member of the Fantastic Four, Jennifer Walters ‘She-Hulk’ in her Grey She-Hulk form; the form made its reappearance during the events of Civil War II in 2016. In addition, no Build-A-Figure has been currently confirmed for the wave, but should be confirmed at another convention or a future Toy Fair.

Marvel Deadpool Legends Assortment ($19.99 per figure/ Fall 2020)

Now, this assortment is making fans wonder why the wave is titled Deadpool, and not X-Men or X-Force. Nevertheless, with the reveals shown today at New York Comic Con it completes the wave previously teased during San Diego Comic Con. The new additions shown were ‘Blue & Gold’ Deadpool, Sunspot and Warpath. These three will be joining Age of Apocalypse Weapon X and Morph alongside X-Man. Also, all six figures will consist of parts to make Build-A-Figure Strong Guy.

Marvel Legends 80th Anniversary X-Force Deapool Figure (Price Varies/ November 2019)

This 80th Anniversary Deadpool figure is a high quality, realistic X-Force Deadpool based on his appearance in New Mutants #98, February 1991. The figure will consist of multiple points of articulation and six accessories: two sheath-able katana swords, a hand gun, two S.M.G.’s, and assault-rifle with a grenade launcher attachment. Limited quantities of the figure may be available for purchase at select conventions in the U.K. and Europe. However, it will also be in select stores and sold online globally including beginning on November 4, 2019.

Marvel Legends Stan Lee – Target Exclusive ($24.99/ June 2020)

Stan ‘The Man’ joins the Marvel Legends Series 6-Inch line! The man helped to bring life to a variety of iconic Marvel characters will now be forever remembered alongside his creations, and truly stand beside them. Now, the figure is based on Stan Lee’s cameo as the skeptical chess player in Marvel’s The Avengers, as he sports a collapse-able chess set. However, the figure also features Captain America’s shield featuring his signature trademark seal of approval autograph. Currently, the figure is available for pre-order at Target.


Source: Toyark

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