Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 9 “Cut Off” Review

They are back and this is not a dinosaur story, well at least not in the conventional sense. Especially since this dinosaur story is about the return of Power Rangers Dino Fury on Netflix. Anyway, welcome back readers for an all-new Power Rangers episode review from me, ZeltraxMillennium. With the advent of the series joining Netflix’s library, we got the first batch of episodes which aired on Nickelodeon. Also, we got three additional episodes that have not aired on television yet, as the series moves to streaming. However, with the move to Netflix, I still intend to review the season one episode at a time. So, without further ado let us begin with our look at episode 9 “Cut Off!”


So, our episode begins with the Rangers heading off on a camping trip. I assume that the trip is either for the weekend, or the Rangers who work at BuzzBlast are on vacation. However, the Rangers quickly discover that Ollie has too much technology on him for the trip. Ollie is literally neglecting camping 101, which is to leave most of the unnecessary tech behind. Like the only things the Rangers should require are their phones, lights, a camping stove, communicators, and morphers. Also, the other basic supplies like tents, sleeping bags, first kits, and food, but I digress. Anyway, Ollie tries to show off his high-tech stuff, but most of the equipment is faulty. Zayto is almost injured too due to a malfunctioning automated hammock which flings him around.

We then transition to Void Knight, Mucus, and the new Sporix Beast, Roostafa, who are also lurking in the forest. The group is setting up a weather balloon-like machine which will blanket all communications within the area. In addition, the device will nullify the Rangers’ morphers and teleportation systems. However, Mucus lets the balloon go too soon, resulting in it get stuck in a tree. Void Knight’s frustration with Mucus alerts the nearby Rangers, and a battle ensues in an attempt to stop them. Thankfully for Void Knight though, Mucus manages to unstick the balloon allowing the device to activate while they retreat. Whereas, the Rangers are left stranded in the forest, as Void Knight searches the city for Sporix Eggs.


Now, I would like to point out that this current battle with Void Knight was scripted very well. The scene immediately indicates this is Izzy and Javi’s first time physically meeting Void Knight. I assume this was written with the intent for the series’ continuity, and to show the time duration between episodes. Most likely, the time between events from episode to episode are only a matter of days. Also, I like how the showrunners managed to return to the marshmallow joke, almost making it a running gag. Furthermore, I got curious as to who voiced Roostafa, so I did a quick search resulting in Tom Kane. However, this Tom Kane is not the one people commonly know for voicing Professor Utonium or the Clone Wars’ Yoda. Instead, this Tom Kane is another New Zealand actor who had minor roles in other Power Rangers’ seasons.

Anyway, returning to the story, Ollie gets the idea to use his tech to make a weapon to disable the disrupter. However, the others opt to return to town on foot to Ollie’s dismay, as he stays to try his plan. Honestly, while Ollie’s love for technology were groan-some gags in the beginning, thinking to use them now is smart. I like how the show took the time to turn a negative into a positive, showing Ollie’s creative ingenuity. Yet, I also enjoy that show uses Ollie’s past mistakes to incite the others’ concern over the situation. Unfortunately, the others are unaware that the disrupter also affects navigation forcing them to stay in one place.


We then cut to Jane teaching J-Borg how wishing fountains works, and they locate a new Sporix Egg. In addition, Void Knight and company appear to capture the item forcing Jane to call the Ranger Hotline. Sadly, with the disruptor activated in the forest, it is also affecting the Ranger Hotline. So, Jane and J-Borg are forced to watch Void Knight collect several Sporix Eggs. Meanwhile, the Rangers realize that they have been going in circles, and their only option now is to help Ollie. Thankfully, Ollie is working on a flight-boosted arrow, but he cannot figure out how to achieve the required height. Yet, with the team’s help, Ollie makes a ballista to successfully fire the arrow off and destroy the balloon.

Then with communications restored, the Rangers rush to the city to stop Void Knight and company. When they arrive Zayto tries asking Roostafa the age-old joke, “Why did the chicken cross the road?” Only for Zayto to discover the joke is so dead that even Sporix Beasts know it. Anyway, a battle ensues where Roostafa grows prompting a Megazord fight, while Izzy and Javi fight Void Knight. Here we get the first appearance of the Fortress formation, but fans do not get too attached to it. Especially since not even Ryusoulger liked to use this formation at all, so its footage and usage is limited. Whereas, Javi chases off Void Knight with a Dragon Ball-like Solar Flare, before he and Izzy rejoin the others.


The team quickly forms their strongest combination to finally defeat Roostafa, and claim his Sporix Egg before Mucas can. Mucas returns to Void Knight who begins filling his machine with more Sporix Eggs. While Void Knight fills the machine, he begins to devise a new plan on how to defeat the Power Rangers. Whereas, the Rangers return to their camping trip, but this time Ollie is more down to Earth on the concept. Yet, due to Ollie’s love for technology he tries to incorporate ways to improve camping like the inflatable sleeping bag. However, Izzy mistakenly activates the life preserver function and hilariously rolls down the hill. Rather than begin furious at incident she goads the others to join her…

So, that was Power Rangers Dino Fury episode 9 “Cut Off.” It was pretty decent story, and the title was handled well, obviously meaning no communication with society. I am not sure if there was a moral in this episode, but it probably has to do with technology. I assume the morale is about the overall reliance of technology, as well as a person’s ingenuity to create things. However, I could be overthinking it since this show and team is so fun to watch. Whereas, I also love how the story is building up to Void Knight’s “Mr. Freeze moment” of saving his lover. Thankfully, all these cool scenes are accompanied by Bert Selen’s music, as I love to point out. Anyway, readers please stay tuned for my next episode review on “Phoning Home” which should feature many E.T. jokes.


Final Grade: 3.5 out of 5 Power Keys


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