Power Rangers Heroes of the Grid Box Art Revealed

Last year, Renegade Games ran a very successful Kickstarter campaign for their upcoming board game, Power Rangers Heroes of the Grid. During the campaign fans got to see a mock-up of the box for the base game, but today, Renegade opened pre-orders on their website and provided more box art for the public to look at. Artist Dan Mora has been doing a lot of the artwork for this game already, and this new box art looks to be done by him too. The game and its expansions can be pre-ordered on the Renegade Games website, but no release dates are listed at this time.


Power Rangers Heroes of the Grid – $90.00                Shattered Grid Expansion – $60.00

BoxShattered Grid


Foot Soldier Pack – $25.00                                   Villains Pack #1 – $35.00

Foot SoldierVillains Pack


Megazord Deluxe Figure – $30.00                         Cyclopsis Deluxe Figure – $30.00



Power Rangers Heroes of the Grid Dice Pack – $15.00

Dice Pack

Source: Renegade Games

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