Promare Anime Film Cast Members & More Revealed

The official Promare anime website has updated with new details for the upcoming film.

First, the website revealed a new visual that showcases several of the characters that will be featured in the film.

Next, some new cast members were revealed, which include:

  • Kendo Kobayashi: Vinny – A mouse who wears a helmet that lives in the national firefighting service FDPP. He is also the mascot of Burning Rescue and tends to follow Lucia.
  • Arata Furuta: Deus Prometh – A mysterious scientist who is recruited by the United Nations research tema to research the Burnish. Deus will hold a important role in the film’s story.

Earlier this a year a trailer for the film was revealed along with the preliminary cast members.

The previously revealed cast includes:

  • Ken’ichi Matsuyama: Galo Thymos – A new member of the Burning Rescue Team, while still a teenager he has more of an attitude than others around him.
  • Taichi Saotome: Lio Fotia – The leader of Mad Burnish, who seems to keep her cool, but it is actually the opposite. Lio possess the power of a special flame called “Burnish Flare.”
  • Masato Sakai: Kray Foresight – The administrator of the Independent Republic of Promepolis and chief director of the Foresight Foundation. Kray is known for having invented the instant-freeze bullet which can extinguish  Burnish fires.
  • Ayane Sakura: Aina Ardebit – She is another teen member of Burning Rescue. Aina is cool, calm, and tries remain professional at all times.
  • Hiroyuki Yoshino: Remi Puguna – He is a good-looking man in his 20s, and the vice-captain of Burning Rescue. Remi is an indispensable adviser to Captain Ignis.
  • Tetsu Inada: Varys Truss – another member of Burning Rescue, and Lucia’s partner when deployed. Being very muscular and always exercising, he has been put in charge of heavy machinery.
  • Mayumi Shintani: Lucia Fex – a Burning Rescue mechanic who develops the team’s equipment, and known for have constructed Galo’s Matoi.
  • Rikiya Koyama: Ignis Ex – the captain of Burning Rescue, who always makes wise decisions. Captain Ignis trusts his team, and they also trust him in return.
  • Ami Koshimizu: Ellis Ardebit
  • Taiten Kusonoki: Vulcan Hastus
  • Nobuyuki Hiyama: Gera
  • Katsuyuki Konishi: Mace

The Promare anime film will be released in theaters in Japan on May 24.

Source: ANN, Official Website

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