Skullomania & Darun Mister Revealed for Arika’s New EX Fighting Game

During EVO 2017, Arika revealed more information about its upcoming fighting game, which is currently being called Fighting EX Layer. However, the game itself is actually nameless at the moment. From this trailer that Arika released, it shows two new characters that are joining the game’s roster. These two characters are Skullomania, and Mister Darun. Fans of the Street Fighter EX series should recognize these characters, particularly Skullomania who has been a constantly requested character for Street Fighter games. Now, since the Street Fighter EX series was developed by Arika they are allowed to use these characters in their game, as they were the studio’s original characters for the EX series. The trailer states the game might come out in time for April Fool’s Day in 2018. Furthermore, this game is teased to be an exclusive to the Playstation 4.

Source: GameSpot Trailers

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