A New Challenger! – Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Episode 02 Review

Let’s Level up… eventually, as we learned today with that funky looking Gamer.

We got our fist real look at the OP, and the Song is a little too “Japanese Boy Band-y” for me, but the visual’s are pretty good.

DDR lady aka Asuna, turns out is a assistant there to help out her assigned Kamen Rider (as garish as she dresses in her true form), as we learned from the new rider in town. Hiro Kagami (sorry, KAAAGAAAMIIIII), hot shot surgeon and the son of the hospital’s director. He also bears a Gamer Driver and doesn’t believe CR need more than one rider.excite-subs-kamen-rider-ex-aid-02-hd-caa6046c-mkv_snapshot_02-56_2016-10-11_09-23-27

Here is where we get our main rival (for now at least). Emu is a very caring doctor who cares about his patients whereas Hiro is a cold professional who would let those in his care die without a second thought. Neither is exactly wrong in how they feel, Hiro just comes off as needlessly detached from those he would treat.


The Acton starts with a Man who is out with his Fiance collapsing, with Emu and Asuna racing to help. Before long, Hiro also arrives, ID’s that the man has a Bugster Infection that quickly erupts and has his two assistants prep him to “Operate”, Transforming into Kamen Rider Brave Lvl. 1. Chests spawn all over the place as Emu becomes Ex-Aid and goes straight to Lv. 2… only for Asuna to knock him back to Lvl. 1. Turns out you can only separate a person from the infection in Lvl. 1, Lvl. 2 is for destroying it.


Brave manages to sever the Bugster, but it reforms in its Mage like self and escapes as Kamen Rider Genm (AKA Black Ex-Aid) appears, attacks and vanishes. The Guy is not getting better, as Fiance getting cold feet only to set up to have the Climax in a Church. Ex-Aid saves the captured girl (with a Speed Up coin found in one of th chests spread around) while Brave goes Lvl. 2 and gets himself his Gashcon Sword, that is both a Fire and a Ice weapon. Double Critical Strike for the Win.


But there will soon be another in the Mix as the CEO of Genm Corp gives a Gamer Driver to a new Player…

My Thoughts:

This week was a bit dryer, but it still kept the Ex-Aid train rolling. Some of the exposition about Asuna and Bugsters was nice. The addition of a new Rider added to the action, and we got more mysteries to ponder from it. Overall a good show!

Rating: 4 out of 5

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