Catwoman: Hunted Trailer

We have a trailer for the upcoming DC Animated film Catwoman: Hunted which aired during the DC FanDome event today. To give a brief summary of this movie:

The movie follows Catwoman as she steals a priceless jewel and lands in hot water with just about everyone. Meanwhile, her one ally in the movie is Batwoman.

Now, I have to say I am looking forward to seeing Catwoman in a solo movie. This character will be celebrating 80 years, and not too many characters get the honor of reaching that height in pop culture. I do not think anyone can deny that Selina Kyle/ Catwoman has become a timeless character within comics and Batman lore. Also, I do not think there is a story where she could be seen as boring or as uninteresting. Anyway, enough of me talking, fans please go check out the trailer down below.

Then as for our voice acting cast includes Elizabeth Gillies as Selina Kyle, Stephanie Beatriz as Kate Kane’s Batwoman, Jonathan Banks as Black Mask, Steve Blum as Solomon GrundyKeith David as Tobias Whale, and Jonathan Frakes as Boss Moxie. Overall, I am looking forward to seeing when it drops in February of next year.

Source: Polygon

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