Goku Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloon

What’s happening heroes? In some news I did not see coming, Goku is receiving a balloon in the upcoming Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. This is a huge moment given that the Macy’s Parade celebrates American pop culture icons; for Goku to receive a balloon is a huge moment in history. It is showing the world that Dragonball Z is being recognized as apart of American pop culture history. I do not think we will have other anime related balloons besides him and Pikachu, but for what it is worth I am proud that Goku will be representing the anime world. Down below is a video from Funimation going into the details about the Goku balloon.


Now, for our animes fans, if you had the chance to create a balloon for the Macy’s Parade, what would it be? Let us know down below and we will catch you later.


Source: Twitter

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