Kamen Rider Prime Rogue Hyper Battle DVD Announced

Following the finale of Kamen Rider Build, Toei announced a Hyper Battle spin-off for Kamen Rider Rogue. Titled “Televi-kun Hyper Battle DVD: Kamen Rider Prime Rogue,” the spin-off will feature an upgrade form, Kamen Rider Prime Rogue; the form is shown to utilize a variant of the FullFull Rabbit Tank Bottle that takes the form of a crocodile head. Furthermore, the Hyper Battle video will address why Gentoku began wearing a leather jacket in the series.

Now, more details on this Hyper Battle will be revealed in Televi-kun magazine’s October 2018 issue; the issue is set to hit stands on September 1st. This is the second Hyper Battle video for Kamen Rider Build, following “Birth! KumaTelevi!! VS Kamen Rider Grease!” released earlier this year. In addition, this is the second spin-off for the series following its conclusion, as Toei also announced the V-Cinema, Build NEW WORLD: Kamen Rider Cross-Z.

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