The Monitor Cast for CW Elseworlds Crossover Event

Coming at everyone with some casting news. We have learned that LaMonica Garrett will play Mar-Novu, otherwise known to DC fans as the Monitor. Right now here is what we know about this character and their role in this crossover event.

EW just unveiled the first image of Designated Survivor’s LaMonica Garrett as Mar-Novu, the powerful otherworldly figure known to DC fans the world over as the Monitor. While details are still scarce, the Monitor will play a pivotal role in this season’s crossover event, “Elseworlds.”

So there is not much to really go on given the small details. All we can really do is pull from our comic book knowledge and guess what type storyline we will have with this character. This could mean we could see Crisis on Infinite Earths for next years crossover event. We could see this character pop up on different shows as well. With this type of character, there is no telling what can be done with The Monitor.


Source: DC Comics

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