Ultraman Geed Episode 18 – Inheritor of the Dream Review

Ultraman Belial is now dead, or at least that is what the show wants viewers to believe. However, smart fans know that Belial will be back soon, especially since there is Ultraman Belial Atrocious coming! Now, as for the latest episode, it focuses on Kei’s current situation, and it is an odd one; somehow Kei Fukuide is suffering from amnesia! In addition, Kei finds himself a stalker, and possible love-interest!?!



Galaxy Market continues to use Belial’s defeat as method for profit, and Riku questions what do with his life. Meanwhile, Laiha notices a news broadcast on how Kei Fukuide is still at large for killing his editor. However, Kei is located by AIB and Reito/ Zero; together they attempt to apprehend Kei. Riku manages to stumble into the conflict, as well as another Alien Dada. This Dada seeks to kill Kei for slaying his comrade from episodes ago. The Dada summons forth a Legionoid to carry out the mission, but Zero goes to stop him. Kei uses the battle to get away from Moa, and Riku, due to the assistance from a beautiful young woman. The battle quickly intensifies, so Ultraman Zero goes Beyond, and takes the battle into space.

The young woman quickly identifies Kei, and takes him to her vacation home/office. There the woman reveals herself as Arie Isikari, a non-fiction author, who seeks to write a story about Kei. Arie seeks to write the book on Kei specifically to be about his perspective on the situation at hand. Yet, with Kei “gone” again Moa goes to the Nebula House to inform Riku and others on AIB’s search and acquisition of Belial’s Kaiju Capsules. Whereas, Ultraman Zero continues to struggle with the Alien Dada, and its Legionoid Custom; Zero’s only resort is to attempt to destroy it through forced re-entry. Arie realizes Kei has amnesia, or is choosing to block out the memories just as Zero and Dada crash-land nearby. However, Zero’s time runs out!


The two exit Arie’s home/office where Dada targets them; the attack causes Kei to recall everything. To protect himself Kei summons forth Zaigorg, who easily defeats Dada and its Legionoid. Riku arrives on the scene, and Kei then proclaims he will defeat Riku. In addition, Kei claims will continue where Belial left-off, as he joins Zaigorg as Thunder Killer. Riku becomes Ultraman Geed Primitive to combat both foes. Riku becomes overwhelmed, and Zero tries to join him, but Laiha stops him. Riku then transforms into Royal Mega Master to defeat them. However, Riku and the others are unaware Arie’s witnessed everything. Furthermore, Arie forges an unlikely alliance with Kei Fukuide…


My Thoughts:

This episode is a hysterical mess, but I enjoy it! Episode 18 does a lot within a short amount time, and even then, not all of it exactly makes sense. Kei’s amnesia plot is one of the worst amnesia stories I have ever seen produced. Kei mysteriously acquires amnesia due to being in denial over losing Belial, an odd reasoning. However, other fans think that it is from the injuries Kei sustained in the fight with Riku, as Pedanium Zetton. Whereas, a third party believes both attribute to the overall scenario. Furthermore, this plot is immediately wrapped up within this episode rather than being its’ own small arc! The only significance this plot has is that it introduces an all-new character. Now, I am only to assume that the newest addition to the cast, Arie Isikari is a possible sociopath; because she is willing to risk everything for Kei. I am unsure if Arie is a stalker of Kei in general, or she merely thinks writing a book about him will bring her fame. In addition, I am unsure if she is intended to be a character to redeem Kei, and convert him into a hero. Now, if that is to be the case it is a plot that should not developed. Never the less, he line is blurred when it pertains to Arie Isikari; she is a wild card that will create chaos leading towards the finale. By then Arie will either be a beloved character, or a hated one!


Aside from Kei’s amnesia and the introduction of Arie, the Dada subplot is not entirely a necessary element. The sense of a Dada seeking to avenge their fallen comrade is an immediate recycled plot from Ultraman Orb, with Alien Metron. However, unlike the plot in Ultraman Orb, there is no build up for this moment in Ultraman Geed. Honestly, I think the Dada avenge plot would have been better used if the amnesia plot was more than an episode. I believe any near-death event would have the same result in restoring Kei’s memories, so other options could have been used. Also, Kei using Zaigorg is truly astounding, mostly because lead movie villains/ kaiju usually do not appear within a series except in flashbacks. Zaigorg’s use is to promote that Belial’s personal Kaiju Capsule collection hosts only the strongest. Then again, it was already hinted that Belial’s personal collection has the worse when Belial used Zogu. Aside from the use of Zogu or Zaigorg, the belief is proven to be true with AIB acquiring the Alien Empera and Dark Lugiel Capsules; the two Kaiju Capsules that tease Ultraman Belial Atrocious. However, with Riku/ Ultraman Geed being able to transform into Royal Mega Master, he can easily defeat these villains if summoned only. Whereas, encountering Fusion Rises like Chimeraberos, or Atrocious will be an issue.


Overall, I did not love nor hate episode 18! I do not think the general fan will find fault with episode, but think long lasting fans might. There is a lot of action to keep people hooked, and there is the possibility of a deranged romance building. This relates to why I find the episode to be a hysterical mess because of its action, and the series’ new character, Arie. Hopefully, the final six episodes do more to make me not feel indifferent to Arie, and enjoy her involvement. However, the next episode maybe even odder since REM is getting an android body to host herself! I am hope that episode 19 is not just a one-off episode, and that REM gets to keep the body. Yet, it all seems very uncertain from how episode listings promote the scenario…


Rating: 3 out of 5

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