Ultraman Geed June Scans *SPOILERS*

Earlier today, the new scans for the June issue of Televikun Magazine were released online. The scans feature events for the upcoming episodes of Kyuranger, Ex-Aid, and Ultraman Geed! In addition, the scans also feature teasers to the upcoming summer movies. In this post we will be presenting the Ultraman Geed portion. The majority of these scans explain Ultraman Geed’s abilities, and reveals info on the characters!


Please keep in mind that scans do count as spoilers, so one should continuing reading this article at his/her own discretion


Arise Ultraman Geed!

Last month, it was revealed that Ultraman Geed/ Riku Asakura would be portrayed by Tatsuomi Hamada. Now, in this month’s issue of Televikun magazine we learn Riku Asakura is living his life on earth, unknowing of his true nature. Eventually he comes in contact with the Geed Riser, which unlocks his ability to become Ultraman Geed. As Ultraman Geed, Riku we learn of heritage as the son of Belial, and battle with Kay Fukuide. Kay Fukuide is a mysterious man who also possesses a Geed Riser, but uses to create and summon fused monsters like Skull Gomora.

Geed’s Forms, Ultraman Zero, & Other Characters:

Similar to Ultraman Orb, Ultraman Geed fuses Ultras together to assume his forms. Early we reported that his base form is called Primitive, which fuses together the original Ultraman, and his father, Belial. In addition, that post reveal the other two forms Geed will receive towards the beginning of the series: Acro Smash and Solid Burning (originally reported as simply Burning). The form of Acro Smash fuses together Hikari and Cosmos, as Solid Buring uses Seven along with Leo. When Geed is in any of these forms he summon his weapon the Geed Claw to combat his enemies. However, depending on the form the attacks used with it differ.

Also, among these scans is information for the other characters of the series. First off, to address the elephant in the room, Ultraman Zero is back! In the series, Ultraman Zero, will be Geed’s mentor in a similar way his father, Seven was for Leo. Ultraman Zero will assume a disguise, as Reito Igaguri portrayed by Yu Koyanagi, after the Ultra Bracelet was broken. Yu Koyanagi, previously portray the host for Zero, Run in Ultraman Zero the Movie: The Revenge of Belial. The other characters consist of a few additional humans, and aliens.

  • Reiha Toba: a woman with a cool attitude and a master of various martial arts
  • Moa Aizaki: a member of the AIB Organization
  • Alien Pegassa Pega: a friendly alien
  • Alien Shadow Zena (Xena): Moa’s boss in the AIB Organization, who is able to assume a human form.

Source: Images from Ultraman League, Translations via SentaiBandicoot 

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