Forged through the fires of friendship, determination, business venture, and Hell, Hero-Club was born. Thus bringing forth another website that deliver news, and original content. Also, to be an outlet for people to showcase their work and talents based around the various superheroes in pop culture.


The Hero-Club Staff:

The staff members of Hero-Club consist of several individuals from North America. They all started out with similar backgrounds as bloggers, critics, and podcast hosts. Now, to some of our readers, our staff may look like a splintered off organization of pre-existing websites however that is not the case! Because here at Hero-Club we started out as a ‘Digital Family’ and continue to try being one. In addition, we maintain an Open Affiliation & Freelance Policy for members that seek to work with other creators, or through our pre-existing agreements with other sites. Furthermore, Hero-Club always try to avoid hiring members that can be a public relations nightmare like jaded employees. Because here at Hero-Club, we protect our own!


Co-Owners & Founders:

In 2016, Hero-Club launched having been founded by Billy “TaJa” Doyle, Richard Monty, Brian Benjamin, and Michael Lederhos. As mentioned earlier, our founders knew each for sometime before deciding to pull all their resources together to create this site. Billy, Richard, and Michael were friends since mid-2011 during the online tokusatsu boom. Whereas, Brian joined their circle between late-2012 to 2014 when they were members of Herotaku.com. However, shortly after launching the site, our founders partnered with friend and creator of ‘The GeekFighters,’ Jeremias de Leon. With that partnership, Jerry was then added as a co-owner and founder of Hero-Club. Below are short bios on our founders and how fans can contact them through social media:

Billy “TaJa” Doyle – Editor-in-Chief

Billy “TaJa” Doyle, Wheelchair21 or Wheelz, is a wheelchair bound hobbyist that is an avid fan of tokusatsu, anime, and professional wrestling. When he is not busy with the site or his hobbies, Billy is normally trying to become a published author and/ or screenwriter.

Social Media:

Richard Monty – Social Media Manager, Columnist

Richard Monty, Projektrdm or simply Projekt, is Hero-Club’s anti-hero and sandwich aficionado. He has been a fan of tokusatsu and professional wrestling since the 80’s having come from the Philippines. Projekt enjoys drinking alcoholic beverages on-and-off the clock, eating shawarma, and getting into fights!

Social Media:

Brian Benjamin – Managing Editor

Brian Benjamin (formerly XBen3000), is the creator of Cosplay Café, a comic critic, and a ‘true savage’. When Ben is not roasting anything comic related, he is usually roasting another member of the Hero-Club staff. Also, Ben believes that whoever is normally shooting at Wheelz is shooting at him.

Social Media:

Michael Lederhos – Graphic Designer, Video Producer

Michael Lederhos, Soundout12, is the youngest of the founders, and he is also a well known YouTuber. Soundout12 used to only specify in toy reviewing, but now, has expanded into other territories and outlets. When Soundout12 is not producing content for his channel, or for Hero-Club’s, he questions what to do with his life…

Social Media:


The GeekFighters

One of the major additions to Hero-Club has been the revival of The Geek Fighters who heavily focus on video game content and streaming! At the moment, The Geek Fighters consists of its founder, Fighterxaos, his associate RRPG, and Hero-Club streamer, MetalBlueEyes0. While they on re-establishing their brand with us, they help provide editorials as well as the site’s first featured podcast, the Ikaricast Classic… Eventually, they hope to produce a new installment of the Ikaricast series, hosted by the members of Hero-Club!

Jeremias de Leon – Writer & Live Stream Producer

Jeremias de Leon, Fighterxaos or even the Shinjuku Sex-Machine, is an artist, writer, and podcast host. Often when he is not immersed in gaming, he takes commissions on drawings. Then when he is not doing that he is busy telling people how he going to “See About Them!” Also, in late 2019, Xaos developed a shoe-sniffing problem…

Social Media:

RRPG – Live Streamer, Video Producer

Kyle R. Smith, otherwise known as RRPG or RRPG Reviews, is the third member of The Geek Fighters. Now, Double R has worked with xaos back when the group had its own website, and before it became a Twitch oriented. In addition, he runs most of The Geek Fighters’ streams for E3, and the VGA’s. However, his best content is his personally produced Final Fantasy Retrospective series on YouTube!

Social Media:

General Staff

These members originally consisted of the Founders’ closest friends prior to this site was launched. However, as the years have gone on, some additions came in the form new friends made or scouted talent. Ultimately, they help us keep the lights on with all the hard work they put into the site.

Hanu Pak – Head Writer

Hanu Pak, simply known here as Darkon, is honestly an enigma. He is the perfect worker to the outside world, but to the staff he is the embodiment of how Hero-Club protects its own. Also, Darkon is currently unhinged to the extent that Soundout is insane.

Social Media:

Michael Mucha – Podcast Host, Writer

Mucha’s first appearance at Hero-Club was via its podcast, Los Ingobernables de Tokusatsu, as its secret host the Green Vape. However, even before Hero-Club began the staff knew him from working at Herotaku.com, and Rajio Nihon. Mucha also used to host his own podcast called the Toku Warriors!

Social Media:

Ryan “Darkclaw643” – Graphic Designer, Digital Media Editor

Ryan is an on the clock graphic designer for video review and article thumbnails. However, he occasionally will assist in video and podcast productions, as a secondary editor. Also, fans can often hear him as a panelist on Hero-Club Weekly every Wednesday on Hero-Club’s Twitch Channel.

Social Media:

ZeltraxMillennium – Columnist & Interviewer

A man interested in toy customization, and writing editorials on the programs he enjoys. Here at Hero-Club, Zeltrax features his signature series Millennium’s Mind that exclusively focuses on that specific interest mentioned before. His best stuff tends to dwell on Power Rangers since his username is derived from Zeltrax of Power Rangers Dino Thunder fame.

Social Media:

Favine – Financial Backer & Digital Media Editor

Ivory Moore, Favine, is probably best known for having founded the internet based radio station, Rajio Nihon. The station used to feature tokusatsu and anime music, as well as various podcasts. Sadly, the station has been down for sometime, but Favine looks to bring it back someday. However, Favine currently helps Hero-Club by donating money on occasion, and assists in editing our digital content like our interviews.

Social Media:




Eugene is an old friend to the gang here at Hero-Club, who coincidentally enough was also a founding member of Toku Anime News. For a long time Eugene was a loner, being a Super Sentai/ Power Rangers toy reviewer on Youtube, but now is one of our featured reviewers. His favorite Sentai of all-time is Jyuken Sentai Gekiranger, but everyone should already know that!

Social Media:

DemonWolf/ Cosmic Latte

DemonWolf otherwise known as Cosmic Latte, is Hero-Club’s first official cosplayer on the roster! He is a long time associate of the staff, who makes his presence known as an analyst on Hero-Club Weekly series.

Social Media:

SentaiBandicoot/ Alex Washburn

Alex is a friend of Joker’s (Mucha), having hosted other podcasts with him such as the Toku Warriors. Alex overly enjoys Super Sentai, and other tokusatsu; he runs a personal blog which he updates from time-to-time. In addition, to being a re-occurring guest host on Los Ingobernables de Tokusatsu, Alex is a part-time translator for the site.

Social Media:

Christopher Torres

Christopher Torres, GLE (Gundam Legacy Extreme), is the resident Otaku. Need we say more?

Social Media:

Joseph “FrostBite” Austin

He is Joe, cousin of GLE, and the man Hero-Club hired to keep the staff highly amused. This was honestly not a favor to GLE… It was just a drunken mistake, by Wheelz and Projekt!



ProtomanV89/ Otoya-san

Touma Kaito/ Jeri

Alias Westgate

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