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Cosplay Cafe 20: Tranquil Ashes Cosplay

What’s going on club members? Happy Friday, we have a new Cosplay Cafe featuring Tranquil Ashes Cosplay. Be sure to follow her social media accounts down below. Also, we’re one episode away before were able to drink. Enough of me talking, enjoy getting to know Tranquil Ashes.

Photography by AshB

1.What were you like growing up? What were some of the things you were into during you child/teenage years?

I was always a very outgoing, independent child, and participated in a myriad of extra circulars. All thought-out middle and high school I played Basketball, studied and performed Dance, studied Environmental Science, a heavy sketcher (aka I liked to draw! ) played piano, was an Ambassador Girl Scout of America among many other things! It was during this time, probably around 11 when I found Sailor Moon, and that started something that hasn’t stopped yet!

2.Did those things influence who you’re today?

I know that everything I’ve done has influenced me today as I try to use my experiences to better my life and achieve my goals! Being involved in so many different types of things, especially the arts has allowed me to believe I’m capable of doing anything. I’ve always gone with the motto “Jill of all trades” and it truly shows in who am as a person now.


3.Do you have a favorite cosplay you’ve made?

As of right now my Battle Rose Quartz is the most ambitious cosplay I’ve done and of one of my favorite characters ever. I had great friends helping me with the concepts and props. I love my friends! Secondly, my Deadpool Harley Quinn mashup I did because it was the first time I wore a cosplay that was that revealing! It was liberating! 🙂

4.Make-up, one thing I’ve noticed is that it’s always on point when it comes to your cosplays. How do you go about choosing what type of make-up suits the character?

Make-up is definitely something I care very much about when it comes to my cosplays. I think it can make or break a look, and I always want to be able to give myself every opportunity to fully immerse myself within my character. I don’t want my cosplay to wear me lol Make-up actually was something I was doing prior to committing to the idea of being a professional cosplayer. I only hope to grow more in the field in both my own makeup as well as my freelance clientele! I also would love to do more body painting pieces! ART is so cool!

5.Do you have any advice for people who don’t fit a certain body type when it comes to cosplaying?

I admit that, not “fitting in” to certain societal body ideals has been hard and still for me. However I am much more confident in who I am as a person, and what I do and that’s all that really matters. Besides, all bodies are good bodies. I think that the best thing to do is to do it. Don’t listen to anyone who says that you can’t because you absolutely can. Use your body as an opportunity to be different. Yours will present a plethora of artistic license that others won’t have, and it will be uniquely you. It’ll pay off, all of it will.

6.Off topic question, favorite food?

Favorite food would have to be Steak and Potatoes lmao I’ve always preferred hardy and savory meals over sweets, but if I were to eat sweets it would be chocolate covered strawberries, cheesecake, and ice-cream!

7.What is one thing you feel as though the cosplay community needs to improve on?

I think the cosplay community need to work on acceptance. Acceptance across the board. Acceptance for all POC cosplayers, Body Types, Journeys, and efforts. Cosplay is suppose to a for all of us nerdy fabulous people and most of all it’s supposed to be fun! If it isn’t what are we really doing?

8.Patreon! What can people expect from you on that specific platform?

I just recently started my Patreon and I am building up to share makeup, and cosplaying tutorials, fun and cos lewd photo-sets, behind the scenes shots, vids and selfies of my life, and helping you with your journey just like those of you who join would be aiding mine. Basically my nerdy plus size life!


9.Second off topic question, what is something you’re looking forward to this year?

It’s prime convention season so I am looking forward to all of the conventions that are coming up, my next being Colossalcon! Outside of cosplay I am looking forward to the fact my sister is graduating High-School! I’m so proud of her and I can’t wait to celebrate her like she did me!

10.Can you hint at any future cosplay projects?

Colossalcon, will definitely have some Steven Universe, and Aquaman love. I can’t wait to show you!

11.What conventions can people find you at this year?

I hope to be attending, Colossalcon, Blerdcon, Otakon, and New York City Comic-con. So many conventions, so much sewing and armour making to do!!!!

12.Final question, anything you want to say to your fans?

I just hope that I am bringing you something that inspires you to do all the things you want to do! Let’s rock this world together!

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Coming to the cafe next week…I’m not telling so you’ll just have to tune in and find out. Until then, I’m still XBen3000 and I’m out!

Tom Hardy Is Sony’s Venom

Xben3000 here with some interesting movie news today! Sony has announced that Tom Hardy has been cast to play Eddie Brock (Venom) in the upcoming Venom film that is being produced for Sony’s Marvel Universe. We also know that the film will be released October 5, 2018 with production starting this fall. I honestly was not expecting any casting news anytime soon with this film, but it seems Sony is dead set on making this a reality.


I mean props to them, but Venom is not my favorite Spider-Man villain. I’m interested in seeing how they go about doing this film. I am guessing we will see things from Eddie’s perspective, but will this lead to him fighting Spider-Man at the end of the film, or would it be something else. With this film not being in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, will people be less inclined to check it out?

Like always let us know what you think. I’m still XBen3000 and I’m out!

Source: THR

Lupin III: Part IV to Premiere on Toonami

Coming at you with some anime news, we’ve learned that the English dub of Lupin III: Part IV will be premiering on Toonami on June 17th. The dub was previewed at Katsucon earlier this year. I originally was going to attend it and see it myself but I decided to hang out with a few friends instead. To quote what we know about Lupin III: Part IV.

The story of the new series takes place in Italy and San Marino, and it features a blue-jacketed Lupin in his 20s. The series open with an invitation to Lupin’s wedding to a new character named Rebecca (played by Yukiyo Fujii in the Japanese version).

So let me know if you will be watching this on Toonami. Matter of fact, tell me your history with the Lupin series. As always I’m XBen3000 and I’m out!

Source: Anime News Network

Black Lightning Trailer

We have the first trailer for the upcoming Black Lightning series. I have to say that I’m excited for this new series to drop. Going by Entertainment Weekly, this series will not be in the Arrow-verse. To quote the article from EW.

CW chief Mark Pedowitz revealed to reporters on Thursday morning ahead of the network’s upfront presentation that Black Lightning does not take place in the Arrowverse — the same shared universe that the other four series call home. Couple that with the fact that Black Lightning films in Atlanta, while the rest of the shows film in Vancouver, and it’s basically a logistical nightmare. Black Lightning is also slated to debut in midseason, not in the fall.

“We do not aim to do a five-way crossover,” Pedowitz said. “Black Lightning, at this time, is not part of the Arrowverse. It is a separate situation. But there will be a big fourth quarter crossover with all four of the shows that are on in the fall.”

I have to say that I’m happy the series is not in this universe. I want to see this series stand on its own two feet instead of having to be in an already established universe. It also opens up that we could get characters like Blue Devil or even their own version of Green Arrow if they choose too. Anyway, check out the trailer and let us know what you think. I’m still XBen3000 and I’m out!

Source: EW

Movie News: X-Men New Mutants Cast Magik & Wolfsbane

Coming at you with some casting news for the upcoming X-Men New Mutants film. We have Anya Taylor Joy who will be playing Magik. Magik has been described as the following

“A girl who has learned sorcery and uses teleportation discs to travel. She is also the sister of Colossus, an X-Man who appeared in Deadpool.”

Meanwhile Maisie Williams will be playing Wolfsbane. Wolfsbane has been described as the following.

“A girl struggling to reconcile her religious beliefs with her power to turn into a wolf.”

Here’s some other information we’ve learned from The Hollywood Reporter article.

“The pic will focus on the angst-driven adventures of a diverse group of teens that include Native American Danielle Moonstar, Scots girl Wolfsbane, Brazilian ladies man Sunspot, a Kentuckian code-named Cannonball and Russian teen Magik. Also in the mix will be an alien named Warlock.”

For those worried that Danielle Moonstar and Sunspot won’t be their ethnicity, THR article stating this news added the following.

Fox is making serious efforts to find ethnically appropriate actors, conducting wide searches for a Native American to play Moonstar and a South American for Sunspot.

So as a fan of these characters I’m proud to see that Fox is making an effort to cast actual Native and South American actors for these roles. Finally, the film is set to release April 13, 2018. Like always sound off down below with your thoughts. Do you have any actors you want to see play this group of X-Men? Until next time, I’m XBen3000 and I’m out!

Source: THR

Marvel’s The Gifted: Official Teaser Trailer

Coming at you with some television news. We have the official teaser trailer for the upcoming Marvel series titled “Marvel’s The Gifted” which will be framed around Mutants. To quote what we know about this series so far.

“The series focuses on a suburban couple whose ordinary lives are rocked by the sudden discovery that their children possess mutant powers. Forced to go on the run from a hostile government, the family joins up with an underground network of mutants and must fight to survive.

Stephen Moyer plays Reed Strucker; Amy Acker plays his wife, Caitlin Strucker; Natalie Alyn Lind and Percy Hynes White play their children, Lauren Strucker and Andy Strucker; Sean Teale plays Eclipse a.k.a. Marcos Diaz; Jamie Chung plays Blink a.k.a. Clarice Fong; Emma Dumont plays Polaris a.k.a. Lorna Dane; Blair Redford plays Thunderbird a.k.a. John Proudstar; and Coby Bell as Jace Turner.”

The show itself looks good and I’m interested in the premise enough to check it out. I’m hoping we get to see more X-Men pop up as this show progresses. As always, I’m still XBen3000 and I’m out!



Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D “The Return” Promo

We have the promo for tonight’s episode of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. The  episode is entitled  “The Return” I’m behind on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D myself but I’ve heard good things about this last arc for season four and I’m excited to watch it when I get a chance too. Those that are watching, leave your thoughts and comments down below. What did you think of this season as a whole? Let us know in the comments down below, I’m still XBen3000 and I’m out!

The Flash: Season 3 Sizzle Reel

We have the season three sizzle reel for The Flash. I’m surprised this didn’t drop when the Arrow Season 5 sizzle reel came out. None the less, we have it now and were down to three episodes before Season three comes to a close. If you don’t want to be spoiled of upcoming events in The Flash, please don’t watch it. All I can say without spoiling, I’m ready to finish this season.

Fans who watched it, what did you think? I’m shocked that *insert name here* is back. As always, I’m still XBen3000 and I’m out!

Wonder Woman: Official Final Trailer

What’s going on heroes? We have the final trailer for the upcoming Wonder Woman film and I’m excited. Yes, part of it is because this drops on my birthday but another I honestly feel as though this film will make a mark for DC when it comes to their cinematic universe.

Trailer-wise, it was solid, I don’t think it spoiled anything we haven’t seen already if you’ve been watching the television spots. I haven’t really seen any air but I’ve watched them on YouTube. All I can say is that I’m ready to watch Wonder Woman. As always comment down below, I’m XBen3000 and I’m out!


Transformers: The Last Knight Release Date Moved Up

In some movie news, Transformers: The Last Knight is set to be released June 21, 2017. It was originally set to release June 23, 2017 but Paramount has decided to release it on Wednesday instead of Friday. According to Variety, “It remains the studio’s top prospect for 2017” so they’re banking on this movie to be a financial success.

I used to be interested in the film franchise but it just didn’t do anything for me. Especially seeing the characters and some of their characterization that just didn’t sit with me. I mean I understand its for the film and reaching a bigger audience but couldn’t their been a better way? Anyway, I’m still XBen3000 and I’m out!

Source: Variety