Anime Expo 2018: Maiden Japan Licenses Ideon, Xabungle, Votoms & More!

Yesterday, Section23’s Maiden Japan announced it acquired the licenses for eight anime series. Out of the eight titles, three are classic Mecha anime series produced at Sunrise with two series being directed by Yoshiyuki Tomino.


Maiden Japan licensed these series:

Space Runawy Ideonwas Yoshiyuki Tomino’s first project following the release of Mobile Suit Gundam. The series consists of 39 episodes, but was intended to have a total of 43. However, the series’ second compilation film managed to include the material from the four cancelled episodes. The series is set in the year 2300, where mankind has begun to colonize planets in the Andromeda Galaxy. In doing so, mankind discovers an anicent god-like mecha called Ideon. During an alien attack a young boy named Cosmo Yuki manages to activate Ideon! Will Yuki manage to control this godly mecha and manage to save the universe, or will he bring forth its demise?


Blue Gale Xabungle, is another mecha series Tomino directed after the original Mobile Suit Gundam, and followed after Ideon. The series consists of 50 episodes, and compilation film entitled Xabungle Graffiti. The series follows Jiron Amos, a boy who seeks revenge on the outlaw who killed his parents. The only problem for Jiron is that on his world there are two societies: the Innocent and the Civilians. However, there is a law that if Civilians are not brought to justice within three days they receive pardons, so Jiron steals the mecha, Xabungle and joins the Sandrats, a group of bandits. Jiron’s actions will sow the seeds of rebellion for the planet, Zora!


Armored Trooper Votoms, is one of Sunrise’s iconic mecha anime series that is not Gundam! Created by Ryousuke Takahashi, Armored Trooper Votoms is story that focuses on Chirico Cuvie, a Melkian soldier who seeks peace at the ends of a 100-Year War between the planets, Bavalant and Melkia. The series ran for 52 episodes as well as inspired several OVAs, video games, and figures. Series creator, Ryousuke Takahashi is known for creating Fang of the Sun Dougram, directing Panzer World Galient, and producing The King of Braves, GaoGaiGar.


Basquash! is the collaboration between Macross creator, Shoji Kawamori, and Oban Star-Racers creator, Thomas Romain. The series originally aired in 2009, and consists of 26 episodes. It is series about a boy named Dan JD who gets into the mecha sport, Bigfoot Basketball.


Human Crossing is a 13-episode anime series based on Masao Yajima’s manga of the same name. The series consists of unrelated stories of people’s lives and their lessons in life.


Hataraki Man is based on Moyocco Anno’s manga of the same name which spanned 11-episodes. The series focuses on Hiroko Matsukata, a woman who works at a magazine company. However, Hiroko has the ability to turn herself at will into a man, Hataraki Man. Yet, despite Hiroko’s hard work she lacks a decent love life, because her boyfriend is an even bigger workaholic!


Yumeiro Pâtissière adapts Natsumi Matsumoto’s manga into 50-episodes series which aired from 2009 to 2010. The series focuses on Ichigo Amano, a 14-year old girl who seeks to become a pâtissière (female pastry chef). However, she halted by her clumsiness, but luckily manages to enroll into the culinary school, St. Mary Academy. There Ichigo Amano encounters a “spirit of sweets” which changes her life forever…


Maria Watches Over Us is an anime series as well as series of OVAs that adapts Oyuki Konno’s light novel series. The series centers around the lives on teenage girls attending an all-girls Catholic school, the Lillian Girls’ Academy; specifically the series looks at the lives of the school’s student council, the Yamayuri Council. During the panel Maiden Japan expressed interest in dubbing the series.


Source: ANN 

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