B: The Beginning Anime English Preview Streamed

Netflix Japan has posted an English dubbed trailer for the B: The Beginning anime series.  The new trailer features a preview of the anime’s theme song titled, ” The Perfect World.”  The song was a joint effort between Marty Friedman (song, arrangement, guitar), MAN WITH A MISSION’s Jean-Ken Johnny (vocals), KenKen (bass), and Kōji Fujimoto (arrangement, programming).

Netflix will be streaming the anime series worldwide starting on March 2.

*Keep in mind this anime may not be suitable for younger audiences.

B: The Beginning will be a 12 episode series with each episode running for around 23 minutes.

Netflix provided a synopsis for the series.

In a world powered by advanced technology, crime and action unfold in the archipelagic nation of Cremona. Koku, the protagonist. Keith, the legendary investigator of the royal police force RIS. A mysterious criminal organization. A wide variety of characters race through the fortified city as it is beset by the serial killer, Killer B, and a chain of crimes in this suspense drama by director Kazuto Nakazawa and Production I.G.








The Japanese cast consists of:


  • Hiroaki Hirata: Keith / Kazama / Dr. Flick
  • Yuuki Kaji: Koku
  • Asami Seto: Lily Hoshino
  • Hiroki Touchi: Eric / Toga
  • Minoru Inaba: Boris / Meyer
  • Ami Koshimizu: Kaela Yoshinaga
  • Toshiyuki Toyonaga: Brian / Brandon
  • Shintarō Tanaka: Mario
  • Atsushi Goto: Jean / Henry / Richard
  • Toshiyuki Morikawa: Gilbert / Ross
  • Kaito Ishikawa: Minatsuki

The English Dub cast includes:

  • Ray Chase : Keith / Dr. Flick
  • Kyle McCarley : Koku
  • Doug Stone : Boris
  • Faye Mata : Lily
  • Johnny Yong Bosch : Minatsuki
  • Xander Mobus : Laica / Henry
  • Allegra Clark : Kaela
  • Brianna Knickerbocker : Yuna
  • Patrick Seitz : Mario
  • Jalen K. Cassell : Eric
  • Erica Mendez : Young Koku
  • Cristina Vee : Young Yuna / Erika / Kukuri / Takeru
  • Keith Osterberg : Jean
  • Ezra Weisz : Abbot
  • Khoi Dao : Brandon
  • Todd Haberkorn : Quinn / Jonathan
  • Derek Stephen Prince : Julian
  • Ben Diskin : Kamui
  • Marianne Miller : Izanami / Lily’s Mom
  • Sean Chiplock : Red
  • Edward Bosco : Blue / Richard
  • Keith Silverstein : Yellow
  • Jake Eberle : Lily’s Father
  • Joe Zieja : Lily’s Brother

The production team includes:

  • Kazuto Nakazawa, Production I.G: Original Creators
  • Kazuto Nakazawa , Yoshiki Yamakawa: Directors
  • Kazuto Nakazawa: Character Designer, Key Animation Supervisor 
  • Katsuya Ishida: Screenplay Writer
  • Yoshihiro Ike: Composer

Source: ANN, Netflix Japan

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