Bandai Presents Kyuranger Transformation Course Episode 4

It is that time of the week again where Bandai releases a new episode of the Transformation Course series. This week’s Kyuranger Transformations Course features Washi Pink, Raptor 283, and Kajiki Yellow, Spada. Raptor is seemingly eating a cake until Spada appears, and it leads to the two falling in love! However, as they are about to kiss in their transformed states Raptor realizes she is day-dreaming. Upon coming to this realization she then ruins her actual moment with Spada! Lucky and Naga who are watching from a far then question what is going on. After watching this video I now question is are we the viewers supposed to ship these two? Is this the relationship Toei, and Bandai seeks? Because if that is the case, the fandom may be pissed since I know several prefer Hammy and Spada. Anyways, I wonder what is in store for us in next week’s Transformation Course!

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