Batman: Soul of the Dragon Animated Film Announced

The Hollywood Reporter has reported that a new DC animated film is set to release in 2021. The new film will feature a brand new story that is not based on an existing comic story line. The new film tilted, “Batman: Soul of the Dragon,” will be set in the 1970s. The film will feature Batman teaming up with Richard Dragon, Bronze Tiger, and Lady Shiva.

The confirmed cast includes:

  • David Giuntoli: Bruce Wayne/ Batman
  • Mark Dacascos: Richard Dragon
  • Kelly Hu: Lady Shiva
  • Michael Jai White: Ben Turner/ Bronze Tiger
  • James Hong: O-Sensei
  • Josh Keaton: Jeffrey Burr

Bruce Timm will be working as the executive producer on the project with the help of Sam Liu as a producer and director. Jeremy Adams will be working as the scriptwriter on the project.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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