Ben Watches: Good Morning Call

Trying something new for the site. This Thursday segment is going to be me talking about what I’m watching for the most part. This week I want to talk about a series I recently watched, Good Morning Call, which is on Netflix. For those who are unaware of the series is it a live-action adaptation of a manga series created by Yue Takasuka, and stars Shun’ya Shiraishi, Kamen Rider Wizard, as the male lead which drew in several I know. Now in this series, he along with our protagonist portrayed by actress, Haruka Fukuhara (ToQger’s Lady), play two characters who are forced to share an apartment together in secrecy while attending high school.

I have to say that I really enjoyed this show. This was my first J-Drama I watched start to finish and it was a fun experience. Many in my watch group dubbed this “Kamen Rider Wizard S2” for obvious reasons, however other Kamen Rider actors appear in the show too. Plot-wise, it’s a J-Drama so at times I felt things were happening for the sake of drama. When in reality some of the things could have been talked about with a simple conversation, but I guess that’s why we watch J-Drama.

In some episodes I found the pacing to be slow at times. That’s not necessarily a bad thing but I could understand if someone new to watching J-Drama’s would feel like we’re not going anywhere. The show is very much done like a “Slice-of-life” at times. Which for me is refreshing when watching something. Given my own television choices, it’s nice to watch something that’s a bit more grounded than up in the air sort to speak.

I don’t want to spoil what happens throughout the series. So all I can really say is check it out whenever you get a chance too. I would love nothing more than to really talk about Good Morning Call with some other Club Members.

Overall, give the series a watch. With this being my first J-Drama, I loved it. It did take some getting used to seeing drama performed by another country as here in America. Depending on what show you’re watching. It can be very slow or fast paced. With Good Morning Call I felt it was just right when it came to its pacing.

All that said, let me know what you think down below. Have you watched Good Morning Call? Let us know in the comments. Until the next show, I’m still XBen3000 and I’m out!

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Deborah Rosenfeld
Deborah Rosenfeld
7 years ago

Loved it. Our first J-drama too. Made us real Shiraishi fans. Since we are high school sweethearts married 30+ years our perspective is a bit different than the typical viewer. All three guys are great guys but Uehera was the one that cut through the nonesense of high school when necessesary and understood her. We all try to protect the ones we love and make mistakes along the way. Never did he want to ‘make her cry’. He was very protective even in episode 14. Diachi and Isse didn’t know that only the important (to us girls) things make us cry. Anyway, I could go on. Like I said, loved it.