Black Lightning Season 3 Trailer

We have a trailer for the upcoming season of Black Lightning. I’ve loved both seasons of this series so far and I’m looking forward to seeing what this season will have in store for us. So far it seems like were facing off against Markovia and the Pierce family is split up for now. The trailer itself was great and I couldn’t be happier that the show is set to return October 7th at 9pm. I can’t believe in two different DC Universes were dealing with Markovia. It makes me wonder if Black Lightning will be similar to Young Justice season three but I won’t get into too many spoilers on that front. A cool thing we do see is Anissa is running around as Black Bird more so than Thunder and given the tension in Freeland. I understand why she would rather not put on the costume.

Until the next post, I’m still Benodins0n and I’m out of here.

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