Capcom Officially Announces Street Fighter 6

Earlier this month, Capcom unveiled a countdown on their official website which counted down to today. Originally, rumors and speculation on what the announcement would be, pointed towards the obvious guess. However, at the last minute the odds began to surprisingly favor a Resident Evil related announcement. Yet, the wait ended prematurely when Capcom accidently leaked their own trailer, which confirmed that Street Fight 6 is in development. Sadly though, fans will need to wait until Summer to learn more about the game.

Now, from the trailer, Ryu looks visibly older and he once again sporting facial hair. Also, he is facing off against Luke, who was the last character to be added to Street Fighter 5. For those unaware, the developers previously mention that moving forward Luke would become a staple character in the sequel. In addition, the trailer while being a teaser with little information, shows that the graphical engine looks to possibly be the Resident Evil engine; specifically the one that was used in games like Resident Evil VIII and Devil May Cry V. So, it seems Street Fight 6 will be taking a drastic difference in its art style when compared to either Street Fighter 4 and Street Fighter 5.


Source: Capcom’s Official Youtube Channel 

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