“Captain Power” Reboot In Development

It looks like our nostalgia button will be pressed as a reboot  of  the Canadian/American produced series Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future is currently in development by series creator Garry Goddard. The show will be rebranded under the title Phoenix Rising and will be promoted at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend.  It’s also been reported by by Deadline that former Sci-fi executives Thomas Vitale and Craig Engler are working with Goddard on the reboot via their own production companies.

“Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future” originally aired on September 1, 1987 with the series ending March 27, 1988. The series had 22 episodes which included 3 cartoons and a compilation movie. The main character Captain Jonathan Power and his team, made up of Major Matthew “Hawk ” Masterson,  Lietenant Michael “Tank” Ellis, Sergenant Robert “Scout” Baker, and Corporal Jennifer “Pilot” Chase fighting in post apocalyptic world where Machines have digitized the majority of the human race under the tyrannical rule of Lord Dread and the Biomechs.

Deadline also provides more details about the reboot that in “Phoenix Rising” will be set 15 years after humanity losing the war agains the rogue A.I Overmind. Jonathan Power (the son of the man who was the catalyst for the war) discovers the truth and finds gear and equipment that will enable a small team to fight back against the mechanical army of the New Order. Also it has been reported that Tim Dunigan (Captain Jonathan Power in the original series) will return under a different role.


Source: Comicbookresources, Deadline


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