City Shrouded in Shadow Full Trailer & Release Date

Yesterday, Bandai Namco finally released the first full trailer for the upcoming video game, City Shrouded in Shadow. This video game is the first survival game of its kind, as players must attempt to survive monsters and mechas from various tokusatsu, and anime series. When the game was initially announced the confirmed franchises included Godzilla, Ultraman, and Neon Genesis Evangelion. Later on it was then confirmed to be adding characters from the Gamera series, while teasing the final property. Several fans earlier on believed the teaser to be for the Mobile Suit Gundam series however, members of our staff saw through the silhouette that would be for Mobile Police Patlabor. Now, the trailer below reveals the cast of characters that players will either play as, or interact with. In addition, the final moments of the trailer tease that aside from Gamera and Legion, another iconic kaiju in the Gamera series will make an appearance. That kaiju is none other than Gamera’s most consecutively seen foe, Gyaos!

Furthermore, the trailer reveals that City Shrouded in Shadow will be released this coming fall on October 19th. The game is currently exclusive to Playstation 4, and there is no information on an international release. For the Japanese home-market City Shrouded in Shadow will be sold for 8200 yen (roughly $70 to $75 USD).

Source: Crunchyroll

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