Comic Review: Justice League/Power Rangers #1

Review by XBen3000: This is a Spoiler Review

Justice League/Power Rangers #1

Written By: Tom Taylor
Artist & Colorist: Stephen Byrne
Letter: Deron Bennett
Cover: Carl Kerschl
Editor: Kristy Quinn
DC Comics Associate Editor: Jessica Chen
DC Comics Group Editor: Jim Chadwick
Boom! Studios Editor: Dafna Pleban
Boom! Studios Associate Editor: Alex Galer

Superman & Green Ranger Variant by Chris Sprouse, Karl Story, and Carrie Strachan
Wonder Woman & Red Ranger Variant by Marcus To & Wendy Broome
Batman & Pink Ranger Variant by Dan Hipp
Flash& Black Ranger Variant by Yasmine Putri
Green Lantern & Yellow Ranger Variant by Marguerite Savage
Cyborg & Blue Ranger Variant by Dustin Nguyen

To start off, Power Rangers have always been top tier superheroes for me growing up. Many people I talked to didn’t consider them to be up there with the Justice League or Spider-Man. Reading this issue, I feel validated a bit? Like the Power Rangers are just as heroic as the Justice League, but being a fan I knew this. I guess I want others to finally see the Power Rangers being considered “big league” heroes.

Alright, now to the actual review of Justice League/Power Rangers #1. To start off, I liked the setup we have so far. Tom Taylor makes it simple and not as complicated as I thought it was going to be when bringing these two universes together. Dialogue wise, everyone who appears in this issue sounds perfect. I wasn’t expecting Lord Zedd to be the antagonist. I mean I know he’s an antagonist for Power Rangers, but given what’s been going on in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series Boom! Studios has been putting out. I thought we would get Zedd there instead of in here. Which isn’t a complaint, it was a pleasant surprise. I enjoyed the dialogue we got from Lord Zedd.

A lot of time is given to Zack this issue. We get some insight as to what’s going on in his household a bit. So I wonder if that’s going to lead anywhere in this mini-series. One thing I love about Tom Taylor is the way he writes Batman. Batman is always very calm, always analyzes a situation before making a conclusion. It was so interesting seeing him deduce the Power Rangers skills when they fight in their initial encounter. My only complaint is I wish the Rangers would have talked to Batman rather than trying to fight but I understand when traveling to a different world.

Artist Stephen Byrne does an amazing job throughout this series.  Being both the artist and colorist of this series has to be tough but fulfilling.  One thing Byrne does best is emotions with facial expressions.  You get the sense of urgency, stoic expressions, and worried expressions which really fit. With Letter Deron Bennett, this book becomes great.

Overall, Justice League/Power Rangers is off to a good start. This collaboration between Boom! Studios and DC Comics is something I would love to see other companies do. I know it’s a risk but I feel the reward would outweigh that. If Justice League/Power Rangers keep this progression up, were on to a fantastic series in 2017.

4 Power Coins out of 5

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