Comic Talk: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (2016)

So new segment for Hero-Club, comic talk. Long story short I want to praise a comic series without spoiling much about it. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series by Boom Studios! Has been amazing so far. Issue 8 just came out today and man its been on heck of a ride so far. I know a lot of reviewers say that its the Power Ranger show we wanted growing up and it’s true. We’re getting to see them being superheroes like Superman, Spider-Man, and Captain America and it’s amazing.

Kyle Higgins(Writer) really understands these characters and gives them the depth they need. I find myself really caring for each of the rangers as we learn more about them. You’re getting them more fleshed out and as an adult I appreciate that. Another positive is how the villains are written in this series. Rita is a threat and I can see why she was locked up for 10,000 years. Finally, Goldar is a character I find myself enjoying as well. I wasn’t expecting him to be complex but in this series it’s a welcomed surprise.

Hendry Prasetya being the artist on this series and man he’s artwork is so good. The way he can tell conversations with looks like he did in issue 8 was fantastic. Add Matt Herms color pallete which makes this series pop. You have a combination that easily makes this series stands out on its own. I can go on for days talking about the panel and art direction Hendry and Matt have when it comes to this series but well be here all day. So in simpler words, they’re amazing and I want them to stay on this book forever.

Ed Dukeshire is fantastic as the series Letterer. His work makes it easy to read through this series. Nothings ever out of place so huge props to Ed.

Also Thony Silas drew issue 5 along with Bryan Valenza doing the colors on that issue. It really fit into the visual and coloring Prasetya and Herms established but at the same time it was different enough for you the reader to notice that it was a different art team on the series.

The last thing I need to talk about is “The Ongoing Adventures of Bulk & Skull” that series is written by Steve Orlando with Corin Howell doing the artwork. MeanwhileJeremy Lawson is doing the colors and finally Jim Campbell is doing the lettering. This has been a fun miniseries that follows Bulk & Skull in this Power Rangers universe. It has a lot of good laughs, so I highly recommend reading those. I know they come in the single issues but I’m unsure about the trade. I’ll update when I know its true.

Overall, you need to go read this series. Easily one of my favorites coming out of 2016. I’m excited to see where this series will go given. Especially when it comes to someone switching suits. I mean we all know the real reason as to why it happened but given this is comics. We could be in for an interesting suprise or twist.

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