Comics Review:Teen Titans #1

Summary: We’re kicking things off with Damien explaining as to why he kidnapped Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy, and Kid Flash. Will these four join Damien in his quest? Read to find out.

Writer: Benjamin Percy
Artist:Jonboy Meyers
Colorist: Jim Charalampidis
Letter:Corey Breen
Cover: Jonboy Meyers
Variant Cover: Chris Burnham & Nathan Fairbairn
Assistant Editor: Brittany Holzheer
Editor: Alex Antone
Group Editor: Marie Javins

Kicking off this review, I really enjoyed the dynamic Damian and Alfred display. I always feel like I never see enough of those two interactions with one another outside of quips here and there. So to see them have a conversation with one another was great. Another thing that had me cheering with Goliath. He has grown on me to say the least so I will be happy whenever he’s in a book.

I loved Starfire’s bit of dialogue, her stating she was nobody’s prisoner was good. Then seeing her use her strength to break out of the “chains” was even better. Something about Starfire leading the group made me smile. The small fight between the Titans and Damian was great. It also gave me a sense as to what the action scenes will look like in upcoming issues. Given the opponents at the end of the issue, I’m looking forward to seeing how Jonboy Meyers and Jim Charalampidis will frame their fight scenes.

Speaking of Jim Charalampidis, his coloring this issue was top notch as always. His color palette for this series is fantastic so far. Like I’ve said in the Rebirth issue, Jim Charalampidis and Jonboy Meyers is a combination that will make this Teen Titans series memorable.

Jonboy Meyers, I’ve fallen in love with the way he draws. I would love to see some of his concept art for the Teen Titans series. I’m guessing I’ll have to wait for the trade to see them. His design for Ra’s Al Ghul’s Demon’s fist was amazing. I really want to get a group together and cosplay them. That thought aside, I’m interested in seeing them in action.

Let’s talk about Benjamin Percy writing. He really gets the characters he’s playing with in this series so far. Everyone sounds as they should and it’s wonderful. One of my favorite moments was Damian saying he doesn’t have friends his age. His peers have always been years older than so I understand where he’s coming from and I’m so happy to see him realize he needs friends his age. Speaking from personal experience, I always had friends who were older than me and I also realized that I do need peers my age. So I’m interested in seeing how Damian will grow throughout this series.

Other mentions, Damian explanation about the others weakness. I have to say that he’s spot on as to their weaknesses. I’m looking forward to seeing as to how they will overcome their weaknesses in this series. Then again I don’t see Starfire’s weakness as a weakness, I feel it’s one of her greatest strengths. The overall plot of Ra’s Al Ghul going to kill the Teen Titans is fascinating. I’ve never seen that approach where the team has to stay together due to someone putting a hit on them.

Overall, Teen Titans issue 1 is a fantastic read for anyone interested in teenage superheroes. I can easily see this series becoming one of DC Comics bestsellers over time. Again so long as they’re able to market it towards Teenagers, they have nothing to fear. Until the next review, I’m XBen3000 and I’m out!

You can click here to buy your own copy of Teen Titans #1.

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