Cosplay Café 49: Manas Cosplay

We are back for season three of Cosplay Café ladies and gentlemen! This has been a long time coming, but I figured there would not be a better time to bring back this segment. However, with con-season down this is going to force me to get creative and I am looking forward to that challenge. With that said, my first guest is Manas Cosplay, a great friend of mine, who I have had the honor of getting to know in the past year. So, readers please sit back and relax, in this introduction to Manas Cosplay.


Photography by Athel Rogers

1. What were you like growing up, and what were things you were interested in back then?

I was a studious kid who liked to read and sing. Growing up, I really liked watching Sailor Moon and any anime that was on Toonami. I loved Harry Potter, Kingdom Hearts, and Pokémon. I still like all of those things today.


2. Who or what got you into cosplaying?

Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I loved all of the different costumes I was able to wear in musicals I was in during high school. Dressing up to attend conventions felt like the natural next thing to do, especially as a way to show what series I really loved.


3. How was Katsucon for you this year? I know cosplay wise you debuted your own version of Takko from The Adventure Zone on Friday. Whereas, Saturday was your fairy Sailor V design which was designed by NoFlutter.

Katuscon was fun and exhausting. I con-crunched heavily leading up to the convention and was tired at it as a result. I had fun running around as Taako and seeing other “The Adventure Zone” cosplayers. Debuting NoFlutter’s Sailor V design was incredible. I was humbled and honored to be asked to be a part of the talented group that debuted the artwork. Everyone was so kind, helpful, and inspiring. I hope that I am able to work with all of them again in the future.


Photography by Evette’s Photography

4. Continuing from there, I know on Instagram you talked about your Sakizo Coffee Cosplay being “Arguably my favorite cosplay of all time” and I wanted to know what was it about the coffee design by Sakizo Illustrator that got your attention?

It is one of my favorites. When I first saw the design, it just resonated with me. It was detail heavy, but not as much as some of her other designs, so I thought I could tackle it while pushing my abilities at the same time. With this cosplay I made my first corset, my first shoe details, my first style heavy wig, and I worked with some new fabrics for the first time. It was a lot of fun
to make, and I love how I look in it.


5. Will you be doing more Saikizo cosplay in the future?

I would love to! There are a few designs I am considering. Honey and Matcha Latte are my favorites out of the ones I am looking at. Hopefully I can do them soon!


6. Off topic question, favorite food?



7. You’ve been cosplaying for seven years now. What is one thing cosplay has taught you about yourself?

That I can do something I thought I never could. I look at a lot of cosplay designs, and a lot of them I think, “Wow, I definitely cannot make that.” Then I do.


Photography by Foxtography – 影狐

8. What advice would you give someone starting to cosplay this year?

Buying cosplays or pieces to make your cosplay is okay. If you are just learning how to sew, tackle something small and easy. The internet has lots of helpful tutorials on how to make something, so look there! Make sure though that you are having fun. This is a hobby, one that should bring you joy. If you are not having fun, step back, take a break, reassess, and jump back into it when you can have fun again


9. Who are some cosplayers that inspire you when you’re in a rut?

There are so many! Fawnina, Cowbutt Crunchies, Sunset Dragon, Dessi Desu, Kaye Cosplay, just to name a few. My friends are all incredibly inspiring and motivating as well, helping me with ideas and motivating me when things are tough. They mean the world to me.


10. What is it about characters like Tohru Honda or Minako that gets you to cosplay them?

Fruits Basket and Tohru Honda taught me that it is okay to be yourself, as there are people out there who will love you, even if you are a bit different. While Usagi is my favorite character from Sailor Moon, Minako and I are pretty similar. We’re both a bit dramatic, a bit ditzy, believe in love, and care about our friends. Also, cats


11. What is it about Katsucon that keeps you coming back each year?

The hotel is stunning. There are so many places in and outside of it that provide for amazing photo opportunities. So many cosplayers bring gorgeous cosplays, which is really inspiring to see. A lot of my friends from across the country attend as well, so that is the main reason I tend to go. I want to see all of them as much as I can.

Photography by Photography by Amie E.

12. Final question, anything you want to say to your fans?

I would not say that I have fans by any means, but to everyone that follows me, likes my posts, and comments-thank you so much. I cosplay to have fun and learn more about sewing, so the fact that anyone likes my nerdiness enough to follow me is both amazing and humbling. I really appreciate it.


Social Media Links


Above are Manas Cosplay official Social Media links, so be sure to give her a follow! She is a fantastic person and cosplayer. Also, I hope you guys enjoyed the season three premiere of Cosplay Café with many more to come in the future. Until then, I’m Ben and I’m out of here, deuces!

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