Crunchyroll Announces Simulcast for Ultraman Orb

Today, Crunchyroll announced that they will simulcasting the newest addition to the Ultra franchise, Ultraman Orb! Ultraman Orb is the successor to last year’s Ultraman X, and celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the Ultra series. The series stars Kamen Rider Den-O’s, Hideo Ishiguro (Kai) as Gai Kurenai/ Ultraman Orb, with theme songs performed by Ichiro Mizuki, Voyager and the cast of the show. The newest Ultraman, Ultraman Orb will derive his powers from previous Ultras, fuse two to gain new forms and borrowing different abilities from the two used. At this time Orb’s forms consist of Ultras that either have a bond with one another, simply paired with one another, or have shared abilities/attributes. Ultraman Orb is also the first series to move away from using the Spark Dolls gimmick/toy-line, and focusing on the new Ultra Cards gimmick.


About Ultraman Orb

The year 2016 marks the 50th anniversary of Ultraman, the 1st entry in Tsuburaya Productions’ long-running Ultra series of tokusatsu TV shows, and the veteran special effects studio is gearing up to celebrate with a new entry entitled Ultraman Orb.

The series stars Hideo Ishiguro as Gai Kurenai / Ultraman Orb, who will use transformations to call upon the power of previous Ultraseries heroes such as Ultraman Taro, Ultraman Jack, and Ultraman Mebius. Director Kiyotaka Taguchi returns as the chief director for the series, while the series composition will be handled by Takao Nakano and Yuji Kobayashi.

Ultraman Orb begins launches today, July 8, at 7:00pm PT and is available for Crunchyroll members worldwide except Asia.

The cast:

  • Gai Kurenai (Ultraman Orb) – Hideo Ishiguro
  • Naomi Yumeno – Miyabi Matsuura
  • Jetta Hayami – Naoto Takahashi
  • Shin Matsudo – Hiroaki Nerio
  • Jagras Juggler – Takaya Aoyagi
  • Captain Ittetsu Shibukawa – Shingo Yanagisawa


  • Directors – Kiyotaka Taguchi, Ryuichi Ichino, Uuichi Abe, Suguru Tomita, Masayoshi Takei
  • Writers – Takao Nakano, Yuji Kobayashi

Source: Crunchyroll

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