Darkwing Duck’ Reboot in the Works for Disney+

Variety has reported that a Darkwing Duck reboot is in the works for Disney+. According to Variety Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, James Weaver, and Alex McAtee are set to be the executive producers on the project. Also according to Variety Point Grey Pictures is set to be the production company for the series. Currently not much else is known about the reboot at this project at this time, however it is not really surprising as the character has already had a major role in the Ducktales reboot. At this time we are unsure whether is canon to Ducktales or if it’s a standalone series.

The original Darkwing Duck series was created by Tad Stones and premiered in 1991. The series ran until 1992 and consisted of a total of 91 episodes. The series featured the titular hero, Darkwing Duck, who secretly lived under the alias, Drake Mallard. He was supported by his adopted daugther, Gosalyn, and his pilot Launchpad McQuack.

Source: Variety



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