DC Comics Kodansha Collaboration Details

Superman Meshi

Happy Tuesday everyone! We have some more details about DC Comics recent collaboration with Japanese publisher Kodansha to release English-language manage styled collected editions of three popular manage titles featuring DC Superheros and Villains. The titles are Joker: One Operation Joker, Superman Vs Meshi, and Batman: Justice Buster. I’ll post the press release down below which has more details about the books and where you can read them which is on the DC Universe Infinite subscription platform.

We want everyone to have an opportunity to read DC’s new manga titles, so we’ve upgraded DCUI with a new reader so that our valued DCUI subscribers will be able to experience the books in the traditional manga format,” said Anne DePies, SVP and DC general manager. “The digital chapters will read right to left, the same as the physical collections that will publish later this year, giving everyone the same authentic experience. We’re so grateful to the DCUI team, and to DC’s partnership with Kodansha, for helping us bring these books to the North American market.”

This new feature and content will be available to all paid DCUI subscribers immediately, regardless of subscription tier. In addition to the Kodansha titles, several current manga titles available on DCUI will also be converted for compatibility with the new reader, including all three volumes of Batman: The Jiro Kuwata Batmangaand Batman and the Justice League, plus the complete Batman: Death Mask.

The first volumes of Joker: One Operation Joker, Superman vs. Meshi, and Batman: Justice Buster arrive Tuesday, September 5, at participating comic book shops, bookstores, and mass-market retailers/e-tailers.

So I’m interested in seeing how this collaboration will go for fans of both DC Comics and Manga. I’m hoping this will open up DC Comics to doing more manga styled comics. I feel as though that is an untapped market and could get more people onto the DC Comics heroes and villains. Especially since most Mange are one and done with no real continuation publishing wise so it’s easier to track those down compared to Superman issue 1.

Source: DC Comics Blog

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