DC Comics Secret Six Series in Development

Interesting DC Comics news has surfaced online today, as we have learned that CBS is developing a drama series based on Secret Six. To quote Variety who broke this news earlier this morning:

The project, which has received a pilot production commitment at the network, follows six morally ambiguous strangers, each with their own unique specialties and secret pasts. They are brought together by an enigmatic figure who blackmails them into working as a team to expose the corruption of the corporate and political elite.

As someone who knows about Secret Six thanks to Gail Simone’s runs on the team, I have to say that I am interested in seeing how this will separate itself from the Suicide Squad. What I mean by that statement is that both teams are usually villains taking out bigger villains. However, with Secret Six I could see the corporate and political angle being played up a bit more. I am curious to see what characters will fill out this roster, especially if they cannot get someone like Deadshot who has been on this team in most incarnations. I know there are no concrete plans for Suicide Squad 2 yet, so it is possible that Warner Bros will let them use him as a character. Anyways, please let us know who you would want to see on this team. Whether they are new characters, old or obscure let us hear it down below. Until the next news post, I am XBen3000 and I’m out!


Source: Variety

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