DC League of Super-Pets Trailer Streamed

Warner Bros. recently updated their Youtube channel with a trailer for “DC League of Super-Pets.” The latest trailer features a look at the film’s setting. Some highlights include how the Super-Pets got their powers and revealing that several key Justice League members will be making an appearance in the film as well. “DC League of Super-Pets” will premiere in theaters on May 22, 2022.


The #DCSuperPets are ready to sit, stay, save the world. DC League of Super-Pets will be unleashed in theaters May 2022.

After seeing the trailer I can easily say I am intrigued with the premise. The idea that the Super-Pets actually got their powers thanks to a mysterious force is bizarre on its’ own, but I think it will help make the film more interesting. I can say I do like how the Pets are designed in this film. Outside of that there is not much else to comment on so I will be eagerly waiting to see this film.

Source: Warner Bros.

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