DCFanDome Milestone Recap

We had some fantastic news coming out of the DC Milestone panel today! We have learned more comics are coming for Icon & Rocket, Hardware, and Static Shock. If fans have not already read the current season one books for these characters, please do yourself a service and buy them today. Now, Milestone is remaining true to their form by tackling issues that black and minorities go through each and everyday. Also, we have learned that a new comic for “Blood Syndicate” is coming soon along with a 1k page compendium of Milestone comics.


In addition, a live-action Static Shock film is on the way, along with an animated Milestone feature film. Having witnessed the announcement that has made me very excited. I did not think Milestone would really make it back into the Pop Culture spotlight, but I could not be happier. The biggest shock for me way learning that The Milestone Initiative is starting up. That deals with bring black and diverse comic book creators under this program for the next generation of DC writers. The video explaining the details are down below, so people can check that out and apply.

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