Denkou Choujin Gridman the Complete Series Coming to Blu-Ray

Today, Tsuburaya Productions unveiled the full information for the Denkou Choujin Gridman Complete Series Blu-Ray Box, from its contents to its box art. All 39-episodes will be remastered for 1080p HD, and the set will include various special features that span over seven discs. The approximate run-time is 950-minutes for the entire series, and over 100-minutes in bonus content. Confirmed special features include credit-less Opening and Ending sequences, and an in-package special leaflet. Now, this box set is receiving a quick release, as it is set to release next month on December 20th in Japan for 32,900 yen.


In addition, a special event, “Gridman – Last Time Beyond Time and Space!”, is set to be held on Janurary 8th, 2018 in Japan to commemorate the series. The date also signifies the 14th anniversary of the series conclusion in 1994. The event will feature appearances by series lead, Masaya Oda, director Hirofumi Muraishi, and director of animation, Tetsu Amemiya. They will host a live Q&A, and commentary screening of “Farewell Gridman.” The location, Pony Canyon Co., Ltd. Event space in Tokyo. To reserve tickets for this event one must either have proof of pre-ordering or purchasing the complete series.


Denkou Choujin Gridman originally aired from April 3, 1993 to January 8, 1994. However, North Americans best remember the series, as its adaptation as Super-Human Samurai Syber Squad. Now, Gridman featured three young kids attempting to make their own video game superhero, but only to discover it is possessed by the inter-dimensional cop, Gridman. Gridman is in search of the villainous, Kahn Digifer, who seeks to bring his virtual monsters into human world. With this set coming out soon one can only hope that Crunchyroll may try to distribute the series through its services!


Source: M-78

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