Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger episode 30 & 31 Review

Real life gets in the way of me making these reviews sometimes, like it did for the last two weeks…again. Fortunately episodes 30 and 31 was an arc, so it works out.


30 starts off with the team trying (and failing) to summon Cube While, but luck strikes as Uncle Mario alerts them to a massive Whale sighting by the coast. Later, just as Sela and Misao (in Scuba gear) are about to dive in to the ocean to search for this Whale, Bang Ray attacks. The team fights him until massive water spout erupts, causing Yamato and Bang Ray to dive in after it.


Cube Whale however doesn’t take things laying down and attacks Bang Ray and Yamato, blasting them out of the water and escapes. Kubar the approaches Bang Ray, as it seems they made a deal last time they fought. Bang Ray will help Kubar overthrow Genis if Kubar helps Ray find the Mega Beast he is after. They form a new plan, to poison the water to force Cube Whale out.


Sela and Misao dive underwater in Cube Shark and Cube Crocodile, but run into Kubar’s plan and get badly poisoned. This does draw out Whale, but it attacks everyone, even Zyuoh Wild, and it runs off again. Yet, not before Naria shoots something on to it.


31 picks up with Sela and Misao still poisoned and Yamato out looking for Cube Whale, only to find it resting in a lake. Back in Cube Mode, Whale ignores Yamato, who figures that he doesn’t trust anyone but Cetas. Later, Sela and Misao have a nice conversation about who they both want to better themselves for their friends sake just as they recover from the poisoning and race off to assist.


Bang Ray manages to find Cube Whale himself, and attacks it while Yamato defends it. This makes Whale trust Yamato, and it lends him his Water Harpoon weapon to fight Ray. Unfortunately, Genis had a plan of his own, and has Naria pilot a second G.I.F.T. Robot, this one with more launchers on the chest. After fighting with the Zyumen, Whale and Yamato combine forces and form Dodekai Oh.


The Mega beast packs Mega power and it destroys GIFT 2.0, but not before Naria retrieves what she shot on Whale earlier. Genis has this do-dad gather data on the whale, and now he has all he needs…

My Thoughts

30 & 31 where quite good in my opinion. The Zyumen had to work to get Cube Whale on their side, and some nice character bits with Sela, Misao and even Kubar where a welcomed sight. Plus Dodekai Oh is… different looking, but not in a bad way.

Rating: 4 out of 5 for both Episodes

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