Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger Episode 35 & 36 Review

There is Death and Candy this week folks as I keep falling behind in writing these, almost like I’m only watching the show for Amu and Sela… Nah, just Medical issues keep getting in the way.


The Short version of 35: Yamato is still captured and getting the crap beaten out of him by Bang Ray and a Zyuoh Gorilla clone.  He’s not doing so hot. The others want to rescue him, alongside with Cube Whale, so they attempt to devise a plan to save Yamato.


At the hand off, Amu hands Cube Whale off to  Ray, who then back agns her and seemingly kills everyone with a kill satillite-like weapon mounted on his ship. Luckily thanks to Cube Mogurea The Zyuohgers pop up behind Ray and take him to school.

Now rekt’d, Kubar ends his partnership with Ray, while also cutting off his rig hand and taking it. Eating a continue causes Bang Ray to go Giant, but Cube Whale join everyones power to form Wild Tousai Dodeka King, that uses ALL THE CUBES to kill Ray dead (for now).


Thoughts on 35:

I honestly believe that this was a good conclusion to the Bang Ray subplot, but with Kubar taking his hand I believe he will be back. I was suprised by Bang Ray continue since it utterly came out of no where! I found the final combination to be highly simplistic on screen, and overly enjoyable. I even loved the multiplying Cube Attack.

Rating: 4 out of 5


Now, it is Halloween Time with 36: The Zyumen are excite about Halloween, but as per usual a MOTW attacks, this time a… well, Gay one. No, really. It even reuses the Samba Jingle from Kyoryuger. The Zyuohgers fight it and some Membas off, with Tusk saving a girl and cause her to become smitten with him.


The girl really latches on to Tusk, with Sela noting how girl’s of her age are more in love with being in love than an actual person. The girl also zones in on Amu as a Rival for Tusk’s affections. Soon everyone gets themselves costumes and has a good time until the MOTW attacks again. Amu gets the girl to saftey, and has a talk with her how wanting a Prince to Protect you is fine, but a girl who can save her Prince is just as good.


Milk-toast conclusion is follow by the girl latching on to strong girl Amu for reasons?

Thoughts on 36

This episode was kind of weak for me, mostly due to the flamboyant MOTW. The little girl latching onto Tusk was a slight rare episode plot to see, since its used maybe once every three seasons. Now, I am pretty thougk like most males the best highlight from the episode was Sela’s Witch costume, such a shame Amu didn’t have pretty costume to boot.

Rating: 2 out of 5

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