Review: Go Go Power Rangers Issue 22

Comic Credits

  • Writer: Ryan Parrot & Sina Grace
  • Illustrator: Francesco Mortarino
  • Colors: Raul Angulo
  • Letters: Ed Dukeshire
  • Cover: Ivan Shavrin
  • Editor: Dafna Pleban


Warning: This review contains spoilers for Go Go Power Rangers Issue 22 and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 41. Fans please read both issues before reading this review.


Lights, camera, we are morphing back to action with Go Go Power Rangers issue 22, as we start off in the past. The scene is featuring the team debating whether or not Tommy should join them as a Power Ranger. Now, I would have loved to have seen this type of conversation back in the series, as it brings up several amazing points. One of those points being “Tommy has tried to murder us,” which is true looking back at Green with Evil. Overall, it is a good conversation between the five original Rangers. Yet, it makes me wonder if other teams have had similar conversations when it comes to “evil” Rangers joining the team. I think Disney played with the concept with Trent/ Dino Thunder White, but that was it.


Forward to the present, where Jason is talking to the Blue Emissary of the Morphin Masters. The Emissary informs Jason about Shattered Grid event and the current problem that is threatening the universe. It leaves Jason in a state of disbelief, especially when the Emissary suggest that Jason should be the one to lead this mission. The Emissary explains that his reason for choosing Jason is because he is barely leading his team currently. Then the Emissary proceeds to do something which is fascinating, but I will touch on that later. Yet, this confrontation is wonder, as I love the way Francesco Mortarino drew the panels. Having the Emissary floating above Jason, and making Jason looking up from the floor helps to establish that the Emissary is a higher power entity. In addition, the lightning surrounding the Blue Emissary is a nice visual bonus alongside the character’s cape/ cloak.


The issue then transitions to Billy who is trying to find solutions to Tommy’s fading Green Ranger powers. The scene features Billy scared that this incident with the Green Ranger powers could happen to any of the Rangers, including himself. I love how it shows Billy’s progression with Go Go Power Rangers. For new readers trying to catch up, Billy originally thought he was not worthy to be a Power Ranger, similar to some of the character’s insecurities on the show. However, unlike the series Billy in the comics was offered, and consider to give his Power Coin to another person, Matt. Yet, as Billy has grown into the character he is currently in the comics, he realizes how much being a Ranger matters to him. Billy does not want to return to a normal, and it is something I completely understand. Thankfully, Zordon and Alpha help Billy put aside these new found fears. Also, Zordon has a nice line at the end of the conversation that brings closure.


Meanwhile, Kimberly is doing gymnastics in the park, and interestingly enough Matt reappears. Matt comes to tell Kimberly that he is aware Tommy is the Green Ranger, and the conclusion that he lost his powers. Matt’s delivery of his own conclusion is sly, as to roughly quote him, he says “Tommy comes to town, a new ranger on the team! It’s not too hard to figure out.” It shows even after his time being apart of the inner circle that Matt is still able to clue in on what is going on. Now, Matt came to Kimberly because he realizes she going through stuff with Tommy losing his powers, and wants to be a confidant. It shows Matt wants to be there for the Power Rangers even when his time is up, and shows that he values their privacy, as to keep their identities a secret. I just love how the series continues to find ways to give Matt a purpose for existing. Also, from this scene, I am loving how the issue is really focusing on the Rangers and how they try to cope with their duties.


Following Kimberly’s scene, instead of transitioning to the other Rangers we check in on Lord Zedd and Finster. It is overall a short scene, but it works so well for this particular issue. Lord Zedd explains why he does not want to use Finster’s clay monsters, as he states that clay monsters are worthless. Whereas, Zedd’s method of corrupting something the enemy loves can considerably be a win, even when he loses. I have to say this version of Lord Zedd is someone I could fear. He is completely different from how Rita operated in the earlier issues of Go Go Power Rangers. In addition, Lord Zedd feels like all he actually wants to inflict pain onto the Rangers, physically and mentally which he is obviously doing. Personally, while reading these recent issues with the iconic character it fulfills the impression and direction that the production wanted for Zedd onscreen. However, Saban’s team were unable to meet those exceptions due to television ratings, but in comic format Zedd can finally be who he was meant to be!

Our final scenes begin with Trini and Zack talking about how they cope with being Rangers. The two find it easier to focus on working at a daycare, as they can actually see the results of their work. Whereas, when they are in a Megazord, they have to focus on not hitting buildings. Then thanks to Zedd we get our monster in the form of Mr. Loppsy, which is a nice way to reference the previous scene; Mr. Loppsy (Trini’s pet rabbit) is transformed into Warbunny and sent to defeat the Rangers. This leads into our “Morphin’ Time” scene which is always gorgeous to watch as always. Raul Angulo’s choice of colors are awesome, and I think this entire scene here at the daycare made me notice it. The panels mesmerized me easily, and colors are immensely effective.


The finale to this issue is an incapacitated Jason surrounded by red energy, it is a comatose-like due to the Emissary. Now, I am going to go ahead and guess that Jason is getting his memories back from the Shattered Grid. This begins to open up a lot of doors to say the least, as well as close in on the events currently occurring within the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series. It makes me wonder how Jason will inform the others about the Emissary’s mission, or the actual Shattered Grid event. With what we currently have with the Omega Rangers, it is safe to assume they have their memories whereas, Tommy, Kimberly and Billy, remain untouched. There are other questions too that need to be answered, but Necessary Evil will bring the answers forth in due time. Nevertheless, this is another great issue of Go Go Power Rangers, and hats off to Dafna Pleban, as he he knocked it out the ball park when it comes to overseeing this series.


Final Grade: 5 out of 5 Power Coins

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