Hasbro Fan First Friday – Marvel Legends

Recently Hasbro Pulse held a Fan First Friday, which featured a look at some upcoming Marvel Legends releases. Keep in mind that pre-orders for some of today’s reveals will open at the various online retailers at 1 PM EST.

First, the team showed a box images for Nova (Richard Rider). The figure will be released sometime in May.

Quasar (Walgreens) – Spring

Civil Warrior Armor

AI Toy Stark with Classic Color Body


The team also revealed that the Deluxe M.O.D.O.K. figure can open up and allow people to store the alternate parts inside of him.

Hasbro Pulse also revealed an update to the “Bring on the Bad Guys” wave. The team revealed the final four figures that will be included in the wave and also revealed that the Build-A-Figure will be Xemnu.

The wave will consist of:

BAF – Xemnu

  • A.I.M. Scientist Supreme
  • Dormammu
  • Arcade
  • Doctor Doom (Secret Wars) – New
  • The Hood – New
  • Lady Deathstrike – New
  • Classic Red Skull – New

Lastly, the Hasbro Pulse team revealed a sword accessory that will included with an upcoming figure. Personally I am not too familiar with this particular sword, but it will be interesting to see who it belongs to in the near future.

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