Henry Cavil to Star in Netflix’s “Witcher” Series

Variety has reported that Henry Cavil will be starring in The Witcher series, which will be streamed exclusively on Netflix. Cavil will be portraying the lead character, Geralt of Rivia.

The story features the main character Geralt of Rivia, who is a “solitary monster hunter.” Geralt has a hard time fitting into the world filed of people who are more ferocious than the beasts who coincide it. However, that soon changes as he meets a powerful sorceress and a young princess who both hold a “dangerous secret.”  The trio will journey together as Geralt faces his destiny.

Lauren Schmidt Hissrich will be serving as the executive producer/ showrunner for the series. Alik Sakharov, Alex Garcia Lopez, and Charlotte Brändström will be working as directors. Sahkarov will be working double duty as an executive producer.

The first season of the series will consist of eight episodes. The first four episodes will be directed by Sakharov. The other four episodes will be directed by Lopez and Brändström, who will be working on two episodes each.

No other details are confirmed at this time so stay tuned for updates.

Source: Variety

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