Jordan Fisher Cast as Bart Allen on The Flash

We have some casting news for the CW’s The Flash series. Jordan Fisher, will be playing Bart Allen aka Impulse in a reoccurring guest role. That is right, Iris and Barry will be meeting their son. Now, here is what we know about Bart Allen so far.

“Bart Allen, who is also known as Impulse, is “the fastest teenager on the planet! But due to Bart’s penchant for wildly impulsive behavior, stunned parents Barry and Iris will have their hands full trying to teach their new son patience. But it’s a task they’ll have to accomplish, in order for their family to work together and stop Team Flash’s biggest threat yet!”

Overall, things are looking up for this season of the Flash. Impulse is set to make his debut in the 150th episode of the series. I still cannot believe we have gotten seven seasons of the Flash either. Hopefully the show will last another two seasons before ultimately ending.


Source: Variety

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