June 2019 Pokémon Direct Streamed

Today, Nintendo held a new Pokémon direct, which featured a look at some new details regarding their upcoming releases, Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield.

First, the direct featured a look at the Galar region and the various locations throughout it. Personally I think that the region looks really awesome and I cannot wait to play the latest titles in the series.


Next, the direct changed gears with a short presentation by James Turner, the art director at Gamefreak. He revealed several new Pokémon species that will be featured in the region. The newly revealed Pokémon include:

  • Wooloo – Sheep Pokémon
  • Gossifleur – Flowering Pokémon
  • Drednaw – Bite Pokémon
  • Corviknight – Raven Pokémon
  • Eldegoss – Cotton Bloom Pokémon (Gossifleur Evolution)

Thirdly, the direct took a look at the “wild areas,” which are the typical travel locations between cites. Players will be able to see various different Pokémon species depending on the weather and the different locations. Players will also have a much better control of the camera to see the world better.


Fourthly, the direct revealed that special battles called “Max Raid Battles” will be featured in the games. Within the “Max Raid Battles,” players will be fighting against wild Dynamax Pokémon. Players will also be able to Dynamax once per battle and the effects will last for three turns before their Pokémon return to their base state. Players will also be able to connect via local multiplayer and also online in order to join “Max Raid Battles.” Some Pokémon will only be seen within Max Raid Battles. Keep in mind only one player can use Dynamax Pokémon in the battle, so players will need to coordinate correctly. Players will also be able to capture these Dynamax Pokémon, however it does not specifically state if they are able to keep the Pokémon they catch. Gym Leaders will also have Dynamax Pokémon as well.


Fifth, the direct took a look at several of the people that players will meet on their journey. As the norm in mainline Pokémon games, players will meet Professor Magnolia and her assistant Sofia. The champion of the region is Leon and his brother, Hop, will be the player’s rival. The direct also revealed one of the gym leaders named Milo, who is the Grass type gym leader.


Sixth, the direct revealed the main two legendaries that will be featured in the games. The legendary duo are wolf Pokémon named Zacian and Zamazenta. Zacian is the sword while Zamazenta is the shield that the new games are based on.


Lastly, the direct revealed the release date for the games. Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield will be released on November 15. The games will also be available in a “double pack.”

Source: Nintendo

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