Kamen Rider Build Cast Revealed

Recently the Kamen Rider Build press conference took place, which revealed the cast of the upcoming series.

The main cast will consist of:

Atsuhiro Inukai – Sento Kiryu / Kamen Rider Build

Sento Kiryu is a genius scientist with a high IQ. Yet, he does not remember what happened to him 20 years ago. However, the only thing he remembers is a mysterious figure called Nitogue. Currently, Sento is in the care of Soichi Isuragi. That is until a young man named Ryuga appears. Ryuga may be the key to help Sento discover his past.


Eiji Akaso – Ryuga Banjo

Ryuga Banjo is a young man who is an escaped convict who is falsely accused of murder.  It is possible he is connected to Sento’s past.

Kaho Takada – Misora Isuragi

Misora is Soichi’s daughter who has the power to purify the evil parts of the Smash.

Yukai Taki – Sawa Takigawa

Sawa is a freelance journalist who investigates on the Smash and Kamen Rider Build.  Once she finds Build’s identity she works as his informant.

Kensei Mikai – Gentoku Himuro

Gentoku is the head of Touto’s special forces.  He hires Sento to study the importance of the Pandora’s box and is also after Ryuga.

Yuki Ochi – Shigeaki Utsumi 

Shigeaki is the personal secretary of Gentoku.  He is also the head researcher of the Pandora’s box and also oversees Sento’s work.

Yasuyuki Maekawa – Soichi Isurugi

Soichi is the owner of the Nascita café and is also Misora’s father.  He is taking care of Sento and supports him in his fight against the Smash.







Lastly, details about the opening theme were announced.  The opening theme will be titled, ” Be The One,” which will be performed by the band Pandora featuring Beverly.

The press conference was posted to the official MADIGITV Youtube channel.


Source: Heroshock

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