Kamen Rider Build October Scans *Spoilers

Recently the October Scans for Kamen Rider Build have surfaced online, which reveal events that will be happening on the show next month.

Keep in mind this article contains spoilers so read at your own discretion

First, Blood Stark will be more present on the show starting this October and he will be focusing on attacking Sento.

Continuing on the scans feature a look at Kamen Rider Claws. By using the Claws Dragon device and the Dragon Full Bottle the user will be able to become this form.  While the identity of the rider has been hidden for some time it is hinted that Ryuga will be Kamen Rider Claws since the device was built by Sento for him specifically.

Next, it has been revealed that the winter film will feature the Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Full Bottle. 

Lastly, it has been confirmed that two new Smash will appear, the Ice and Press Smash.

Source: Heroshock


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