Kamen Rider Build the Movie, New Rider Revealed

Toy catalog scans surfaced online revealing a Kamen Rider that will debut in the Kamen Rider Build summer film! This new Kamen Rider, Kamen Rider Terra, is a Martian that survived the planet’s destruction due to the power of the Pandora Box. In addition, Terra was once a guard stationed to protect the Pandora Box, only to obviously fail as it was brought to Earth. Kamen Rider Terra comes to Earth to reclaim the Pandora Box, but to complete his goal he will have to go through our Kamen Riders.

Kamen Rider Terra is utilizes the Pandora Driver, which requires a Relic Bottle, the ancestor of the Full Bottle, and Relic Cap. This “new” Cap allows Terra to transform between forms such as the Jaguar, Eagle, Raven, and Bahamut. In addition, the Cap is also a suppressor for the Relic Bottle, which hold immense power. His base form is the Jaguar which during the transformation sequence the Pandora Driver announces, “Kassei kara no chosoku dasher! Terra Jaguar!” (“The high-speed dasher from Mars! Terra Jaguar!”). Furthermore, if the Relic Bottle and Cap are not a match the Pandora Driver will say, “Baka-tare! Saba Jane-e!” (“You fool! No dice!”), followed by an explosion.


Source: Hero Club’s Bangai Hero

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