Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: the Gamer Rider Revealed

Club, it’s a beautiful thing when we get the first inklings of what the new Kamen Rider series  is going to be, and we can now say the rumor of the 2016-2017 Rider being themed on Ambulances and First Aid are bunk. We are getting a Video Game themed series!


Our Main Rider’s full official name is Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Action Gamer Lvl. 2 and seems to be themed after Fighting Games. Ex-Aid will also be getting different forms as indicated by the Red Armor in the corner. Boy that is a mouthful, but there is more!


The main Henshin belt is referred to as the Gamer Driver. It looks like we will be getting in the show other Riders early on. Kamen Rider Brave RPG Gamer (themed after RPG’s obviously) and Kamen Rider Snipe Shooting Gamer (Most likely based off of First Person Shooter’s).

Kamen Rider EX-Aid will premiere on TV October 2nd at 8am JST.


Source: Heroshock


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