Kamen Rider Ghost Episode 38 Review

The world of Ghosts is busy these days, between Riders and Busters, but which of these two will end up being the better of the disasters? As always Spoilers follow in description, as well as in my final thoughts, so abandon the ship now ‘Spoiler-phobes’:

Our story properly begins with good old Javert, still salty over not being able to kill Takeru, raging in the forest. The ‘Scoobies’ are called in to check it out, and Javert gets his ass handed to him in one hit.

This is where our A and B plots split for most of the episode and despite being relegated to the B Plot, I thought Onari remembering he’s supposed to be a Buddhist monk and providing some insightful words to Javert (for the second time in the series) was quite good. It still had some stupid comedy (aka all Onari does 95% of the time), but it showed a better side to a supporting cast member. All leading to Javert going off to find his place in the universe!

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Also the Clone BS with Mokoto is still a thing. They fight and nothing really happens…

Now, while that all nice-ness with Javert happens, Adel decides to pop over to our world with his Ganmizer Pals and wants to wreck Takeru and his new Infinite Power. This was preceded by some talk that it seems that the 15 Hero Icons can’t keep up with how powerful the Ganmizers are becoming, so Infinite might be Ghost’s only hope of beating them.

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Takeru however still has Faith in the 15 Heroes and decides to use Grateful, spamming out every single one of them to fight…only for all the Heroes to get owned very quickly as Adel seems unamused. What follows is the 15 Heroes telling Takeru that they feel like they can go no further. This situation comes at a bad time as Adel’s right hand, Gyro calls Takeru out (fellow American Gladiators Pyro and Malibu could not be there sadly).

But, ONCE AGAIN, Takeru’s “I HAVE FAITH IN YOU” scream pulls the Eyecons out of their funk and then we get treated to not only a quick change blitz of all of Takeru’s Eyecon forms (Makoto and Alain’s are not used), but also the Theme Song during said beat down, a RARE treat we usually only get in the Finales … outside of Drive which spammed it a lot. In the end Gyro goes BOOM and everyone is a ‘really useful’ Eyecon again! Yay!?!

[Over-Time] Kamen Rider Ghost - 38 [99F018F0].mkv_snapshot_21.28_[2016.07.07_17.11.36]

Final Thoughts:

This was surprisingly a blunt one-off episode that had some great moments between characters, as well as pretty good action. I don’t know if Javert will return in the series, but I would not doubt that he’ll be back and appearing within the final episodes. Next week, we go back to the 2-episode arcs, so strap in.

RATINGS: 4 out of 5

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