Kamen Rider Ghost Episode 39 Review

There was no Zyuohger this week, so we only had the Ecto Cooler Rider to entertain us for the moment. It did not disappoint:

Ghost actually kicked off with a rarity for Kamen Rider, a Pre-Title scene where we got some exposition dumped on us by Princess Alia about the Ganma world. It seems that Alain’s family is not Native to the place and that both their Mother as well as a previously never mentioned brother, Argos, died soon after they moved in. This was the reason why Daddy wanted to create a Utopia.

The key point here is though Alia is not pleased with Adel merging with the Ganmizer’s to obtain power, to the point she actual whips out her own Uloader and transforms into Kamen Rider Dark Necrom P.

[Over-Time] Kamen Rider Ghost - 39 [BB39FAD1].mkv_snapshot_02.21_[2016.07.13_13.23.58]

She is promptly owned by some of the Ganmizer’s and set’s a new record of fastest death for a Female Rider! (Ok, we know she’s not really dead because of the show’s own logic, but still!) However two Ganmizer’s merge while absorbing Alia’s broken Eyecon, and the result is  a Freaky Crab thing that is ‘glitching out’.

Back to the main plot, the Team has to deal with a bickering father (Who is Jiraya, not the Pervy Sage or Kane Kusogi, but the Metal Hero) and daughter, who are arguing about plan’s on the Anniversary of the Wife’s/Mother’s death. This is broken up by the Glitch Ganmizer attacking, seemingly switching the souls of the father and the daughter in to each others’ bodies. This ends quickly as the Ganmizer just runs off with the Daughter’s bodily self missing.

[Over-Time] Kamen Rider Ghost - 39 [BB39FAD1].mkv_snapshot_09.45_[2016.07.13_13.43.31]

Next we get some background from the girl (in her father’s body) that she hates him because he is a hard working Detective who was never there, even when his wife was dying (of some thermal illness I assume, because the show never says that). Then we get the Billy the Kid Eyecon possessing Kanon, so it can spout off about how being a Lawman is admirable. It makes no real sense since this has little to really do with the story and the fact Billy the Kid was an Outlaw, not a Sheriff, so he should hate the Law. However, I get to see my Waifu, Kanon, shoot Takeru with water guns so it’s all good.

We also learn that Makoto and Kanon’s dad was a bit of a dick and just abandoned his kids when they where young, not even returning after their mom died. They somewhat understand how the daughter feels. But anyways, while out looking for the daughter’s body a shady looking guy approaches…damn this is getting confusing, the Girl in her dad’s bod saying that the “Thing” he asked about is almost ready. This confuses the daughter, not helped by her dad’s partner and BFF running into her/him dropping some exposition about how they’re after some crook who is getting help from someone on the police force.

[Over-Time] Kamen Rider Ghost - 39 [BB39FAD1].mkv_snapshot_13.15_[2016.07.13_13.58.13]

After all that they finally see the girl’s body, but the messed up Ganmizer pop’s up and keeps acting very strangely before it runs off. Igor and some goon show up to scrap with Ghost but leave not long after. The shady dude then calls the fathers phone and says to meet him down at the docks. This quickly becomes a cluster ‘F’ as shady dude is found all roughed up, just as the father’s partner arrives, only for the criminal he has been chasing after walks by. The set up seems to point the finger at the father for being the mole on the force as Igor and Co., as well as the Ganmizer and the girl’s body all appear  (and it’s now obvious to viewers that the Ganmizer is in the Girl’s body, with the Father in the Ganmizer’s body, but not to the characters).

Ghost Mugen Damashii, Deep Specter, and Necrom are forced to deal with Igor’s party, with Specter using Edison and Necrom dual weilding his GanGunCatcher with Makoto’s GanGunHand. The Ganma all go boom with Igor likely managing to survive again.

[Over-Time] Kamen Rider Ghost - 39 [BB39FAD1].mkv_snapshot_20.21_[2016.07.13_14.01.48]

This is where the show would end, but instead the audience  is treated to a preview to the Summer Movie, involving Dark Ghost capturing Napoleon and showing that he, who it turns out is the thought dead brother of Alian, Argos, has all the “Special” Eyecons (Ikkyu, Columbus, Pythagoras, Kamehameha, Nightingale, Shakespeare and Darwin).

[Over-Time] Kamen Rider Ghost - 39 [BB39FAD1].mkv_snapshot_21.51_[2016.07.13_14.02.21]

My Thoughts:

This episode was a decent start for this arc. It was pretty exposition heavy, but it set up quite a bit for the short term story of this family in need of help, the series endgame, and a lead in to the Summer movie as well. The highlight of our new Female Rider didn’t live up to the hype, as she unfortunately got her ass kicked immediately but it was expected seeing she was a Necrom clone. Now, while the main plot is somewhat predicable, isn’t the worst I have seen due to the body switch fake-out between the father, daughter, and Ganmizer. Finally the additional stuff with Kanon-waifu is never bad, even if the depiction of Billy the Kid is entirely wrong…

Rating: 3 out of 5

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kaworu S
kaworu S
7 years ago

No, It pretty clearly disappointed. the main writer came back and killed off two characters he did nothing with, after leaving the secondary writers with nothing to do for months on end but do the asinine filler plots and the horrific Mugen debut we’ve had
Least Mugen’s absense from Mugen’s debut episode was Amazons’ fault due to production delays THAT show caused.
And he only comes back for More filler instead of moving forward any of the plot. In fact, he SIDELINED the ongoing plots for something that should’ve been ENDED months ago; you know, BEFORE he took his absence from the show. As the presence of those characters added nothing, but the secondary writers couldn’t kill them off because he said he was going to do something with them. But nope, he comes back? Kills them.
As for exposition? What exposition? It’s teasing again, not giving anything concrete. Which has been the problem with this show’s pacing in that any concrete elaboration to the ongoing story is given as an afterthought. What’s with the Makoto Clones? What are the Ganmaizer’s motives, what is the great eye they protect, and WHy is Sennin/the Minster against them? Why are the ganma now implying they’re not native to their world when all prior exposition has said their world IS their world? What’s with the minster and Sennin? These are all things that should have been answered by now, as the show is entering it’s endgame. We SHOULD have the answers by now, but we’ve had nothing but superfluous content for months now. because Takuro Fukuda’s been MIA on his own freaking show.