Kamen Rider Kuuga Joins “TokuSHOUTsu” Library

The official TokuSHOUTsu twitter page has updated with the announcement that Kamen Rider Kuuga will be released on their service this Friday at 7 PM ET/ 4 PM PT. Additionally the series will also air on PlutoTV CH 681 in Tech + Geek. For those who are not aware, the series will be the second Kamen Rider series that is available on the service, as the original Kamen Rider series was added to the service earlier this March. 

Kamen Rider Kuuga was the first Kamen Rider series that was produced and released under the Heisei era and the tenth series in the franchise overall. The series is about an ancient evil tribe known as the Gurongi Tribe who terrorized the Linto Tribe until a mysterious hero with the power of Kuuga managed to defeat them. However, in the present day a man named Yusuke Godai stumbles upon the oracle that allows him to transform him into Kuuga. With the help of the Science Police, Yusuke begins his epic fight against the Gurongi.

Source: Official TokuSHOUTsu Twitter


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